11 Tips For Starting a Business

It can be difficult to know where to start and how to get going with your new business. We asked 11 seasoned professionals what advice they would give to anyone wanting to start their own business.

  • Get to know people who inspire you and people who are in the same boat as you, join networks. Find opportunities to enhance your business knowledge such as The Princes Trust.
  • Ask for help, seek advice, work hard and keep your chin up.
  • Hard graft and self-belief are key! Believe in your vision and work like crazy to make it happen. Also, don’t forget the power of building connections. You never know who’ll be helpful in the future.
  • Grow your networks, ask for help and learn as much as you can
  • Research then apply. Analyse. Repeat.
  • Take a deep breath and go for it.
  • Learn from the best! You’d be surprised how much established professionals are willing to donate their time. Don’t be afraid to contact people in the biz to have a coffee and pick their brain. Then always follow up to say thanks and stay on their radar.
  • Talk to people about your idea, ask for their opinions. Seek out the people and organisations who can help and support you.  There’s loads of free advice out there if you know where to look. 
  • Aim high: Visualise your goal (what would be your DREAM scenario?) and keep that in mind with everything that you do. Even if you achieve half of it, you’d have achieved a lot more than without it.
  • Have an end goal! Be ready for those magical eureka moments of inspiration coupled with some (hopefully few) devastating lows that will challenge you, but also build your character. And network!
  • Never give up. Sometimes it can be a long up hill struggle but it you persist it will pay off. Persistence is key.

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