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3 Essential Platforms For Building Your Web Presence

These days, businesses can no longer afford to merely maintain a brick and mortar storefront. We live in a digital age when more and more people are conducting transactions and discovering local businesses online. As such, building a strong, consistent web presence will prove essential for your long-term success. Here is where you should concentrate your efforts.

1. Your Website

Your website should be the top priority in establishing your web presence. It serves as a reputable source of information when customers wish to learn more about your business and its products or services.

For reliable website performance, the best solution is to use a web hosting in Canada. Features like 24/7 tech support, internal security protocols and website backups, and an efficient infrastructure can prevent outages and ensure that your website delivers consistent quality performance.

The most effective websites offer detailed information about their products and services in an easy to navigate layout. Give customers the ability to contact you (or better yet, make a purchase) directly from the website. Relevant blog posts will add extra value to your site’s content.

2. Search Engines

Search engines like Google and Bing play a major role in whether your customers will be able to discover your brand online. Because of this, you should focus much of your digital marketing efforts on search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC advertising.

SEO improves your website with relevant keywords and strong content, while also seeking link placements on reputable third party sites so you appear higher in search results. PPC ads also use keywords, but serve as a type of paid ad that appears alongside SEO results. When done right, both tactics can be extremely effective in driving clicks to your website.

3. Social Media

Social media has radically transformed society, and these days, it is expected that your business will have a presence on social media. Generally speaking, Facebook and Instagram tend to be the best platforms for businesses, though some companies also benefit from platforms like Twitter, depending on their audience’s behaviours and preferences.

Use social media to showcase your brand’s personality. While you can certainly publish some promotional posts, focus the majority of your content on things that will help you connect with your target audience. Whether you provide relevant tips and how-to’s or share some industry-related humour, an accessible social media presence is great for building brand awareness.


Building a web presence that consistently drives customers to your brand will require continual effort. By establishing a strong foundation through your website, social media profiles, and marketing efforts on search engines, you will be better positioned to grow your company and eventually get to the point where you can take your pick from Cancun all inclusive resorts without worry about the cost..