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3 Plus Size Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls

What woman wouldn’t want a wardrobe full of flattering clothes? Outfits that she can just pick off a hanger and slip into confidently. There’s plenty of advice going around the world about what sort of clothes people should wear, but often they forget that everybody’s size is different. A size 16 is not the same for everyone, as not everybody is identical. So, it’s more important to know things like what your body shape is.

For example, is your body shape a pear, an apple, do you have an hourglass shape? Your body shape matters, but it’s not the most important thing that you need to remember though. As a curvy girl, the most important thing that you need to do, is to learn to love your body! Every curve is perfect, and you should never compare yourself to other women. Getting that confidence might seem hard, but hopefully after you read these 3 tips, you’ll soon learn to love and appreciate the way you look.

Embrace Your Belly

Everyone has one and it seems that nearly everyone wants to hide their belly. When in fact people need to embrace their bellies! A lot of the times, when people try to hide their belly, they end up wearing unflattering and baggy clothes. This is not the look you want to be going for. Instead you should listen to what Fabienne said to her boyfriend (played by Bruce Willis), in one of the most memorable scenes from Pulp Fiction: “On a woman, a pot belly is very sexy… if I had one, I’d wear a T-shirt two sizes too small to accentuate it”

This is a sentiment that a lot of people are in full support of. You might have seen on Instagram that a lot of the community is promoting body positivity by embracing their bellies – meaning that you should too! A lot of these women have struggled with self-esteem issues and understand that loving your body can be a hard task. But once you learn to love every curve of your body, you’ll be a lot happier in yourself.

Wear Clothes That YOU Love

You should always, always wear clothes that you love yourself in. If you feel self-conscious in an outfit, then it’s probably not the right outfit for you. This happens to everybody out there, so just know that you are not alone. Can you imagine having a wardrobe full of items that you love to wear on a regular basis? This is something that can happen, there are just a few things that you must do first to get this perfect wardrobe.

The first thing you should do is pull out some pieces that you are fond of but haven’t worn in a while. Make sure you put them right at the front of your wardrobe so that you can see them. You should make sure that you wear them as part of an outfit at least twice a week. If you find that there are clothes that you don’t love, or just don’t want to wear, then it might be time to throw them out. You could even donate them to a charity shop if you would prefer.

If it gets to a point where you need a whole new wardrobe (maybe you’ve lost some weight, or just don’t love the clothes that you already have). Then it’s time for a bit of shopping! If you want to make a day out of this, then you can easily get a group of your friends to join you and offer their support and opinions when trying on clothes. Or if you prefer you could easily order some new clothes online and get things like these plus size blouses. Just as a general tip though, it’s a good idea to get a couple of sizes, as a lot of the sizes vary in different shops and you will want to make sure that you look good in the size you pick.

Elongate Your Legs

The key to elongating your frame? Play with proportions, prints and colors. Getting things like knee-highs and thigh-highs can elongate your legs and gives you a kind of sass as well. If you want something a bit simpler and will go with every outfit, then invest in a pair of nude shoes. These shoes should match your skin tone which will visually extend the leg. When it comes to shoes though, you should make sure to ditch the ankle strap. As ankle straps will visually bisect the legs, so you should opt for standard or low-cut pumps instead.

Ultimately, the golden rule for dressing as a plus size woman is to always wear what makes you feel good. Try not to be too concerned with any rules or what others might think and instead choose clothing that makes you feel confident.Life is far too short to be concerned about a list of rules and you should never worry about what other people are thinking. Just wear what you love and enjoy yourself! If you are interested in learning more fashion tips though (for a slightly different body type), then you can check out this article here.