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3 Things That Will Hurt Your Business If You Are Not Careful

Running a business is a difficult job. While you are busy worrying about the bottom line and if you are going to turn a profit for the year, there could be other things that are destroying your company from the inside out. It is tough to be aware of everything going on while you are just trying to keep your doors open, but keep these three things in mind while you are trying to lead your business to profitability.

Employee Theft

When you hire an employee, you are placing your trust in them. No matter how well you have interviewed someone, talking to a person for an hour or so does not mean that they are presenting their true selves to you. Employee theft is a common problem for a lot of businesses. It may not be something as simple as items disappearing off the shelf. Those can be easy to see. It could be an employee showing up 15 minutes late every day but still getting paid for that time. Or they could be smuggling out even office supplies. Who knows? But employee theft has to be something to be aware of even if you trust the people who work for you.

Dissatisfaction Among the Staff

Unhappy workers can be the downfall of your company. It is impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time, but if you have two or three individuals that are permanent black clouds, you need to take action. You may not have to let them go, but you need to at least address the situation and figure out if there is a solution that can be determined. It might be a few little things that you can help fix. Although, if it is just their ordinary attitude to have a poor outlook on the world, it could be time to cut ties. Negativity breeds more negativity. You need to nip it in the bud if you can.

Keep Track of Absences

Employee absences happen. There is no way around it. But if you monitor these absences poorly, you might still be paying employees while they are not even at work. If they have built up sick days that is one thing, but if they are hourly employees then that is another. You should use an absence management software that will keep track of all of these sick days, vacations, funeral leaves, or just general absences.