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4 Fun Ideas for Your Next Electronics Project

If you happen to be a tech fanatic with a taste for tinkering, the excitement of starting a new electronics project and seeing it through to the end might comprise the ideal pastime.

Whether it is a hobby, a profession, or you are simply curious about which new outlet can best keep your hands busy, electronics has something fun for everyone.

Thankfully, you do not necessarily need to be an expert to start building your own electronics projects.

Moreover, wonderful electrical components search engines like Octopart have made it easier to find parts online than ever before, so why not start your new project today?

Automatic Light Controller

Fun, slightly futuristic and practical, an automatic light controller can be built in the comfort of your own home!

First of all, your basic electronics tool kit should include a drill, soldering iron, wire strippers, clippers, pliers and tweezers. It is probably worth getting some testing equipment as well, such as a voltmeter and an ammeter.

The automatic light controller uses a PIR sensor to determine human motion, and the relay module means there is no need to worry about having to manually turn your lights on and off anymore when you manage to complete your project.

This is a nifty device that can be a rewarding pursuit to spend your time on, while hopefully introducing you to some exciting new components.

A Cell Phone Detector

If you are consistently losing your phone, or happen to be a spy, a cell phone detector could be the ideal project for you to start this weekend!

It is fairly easy to make, yet some of the components might take a while to find without the help of a dedicated search engine. Once you have the materials, you may be able to rattle through this circuit in under 30 minutes, making it good practice for those of you who want to add to their collection of inventions in a hurry.

Build Your Own Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell is a wonderful gadget, as the camera inside it can give you a heads up of which annoying neighbor or friend wants your attention, and whether or not you should leave the couch to let them in!

Not only can you save some money on having to buy a pre-made one, but you can indulge yourself in a fun new project at the same time.

With the tiny yet diverse Raspberry Pi, a webcam, some handy automation programs and a bunch of old components you could find in any drawer of the house, this project can take around an hour or two, depending on how many functions you decide to give it.

A Mobile Charger

Are you sick of running out of cellphone battery from browsing social media all the time? If the answer is yes, or it still runs out of battery but for a different reason, a mobile charger could be the next project worth taking on.

In fact, this one is so easy, if your regular charger broke you could cobble up your new one in a matter of minutes with little more than a 9v battery, some capacitors, a voltage regulator and a general purpose circuit board.