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4 Reasons to Invest in a Sprinter Van Rental in Atlanta, LA, or NYC

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Say goodbye to the old-school limousine, the new mode of transportation rentals these days is the Mercedes Sprinter Van. It doesn’t matter where you live, there is no bad reason to invest in a sprinter van rental in Atlanta, LA, or NYC.

Maybe you’re not a huge fan of the boxy aesthetics unique to the sprinter. But you’ll learn to love it as soon as you step inside and see how spacious the vehicle really is. Space isn’t the only perk of renting a sprinter for your next social occasion or corporate retreat. There are plenty of reasons to ditch the town car and limo rentals in place of renting a sprinter.

The Mercedes Sprinter Van Can Accommodate Up to 13 Passengers

Depending on the specific model of the sprinter van you’ll be renting, you can fit anywhere between 12 and 15 passengers inside at one time. Not only can you fit this impressive amount of people, but it will be a comfortable fit. Even with the maximum amount of passengers, you’ll never feel cramped or crowded when riding around in this vehicle.

Many people in need of a transportation rental service like to compare the sprinter to the likes of a limousine. When it comes to space, a limo might be longer but most passengers find a sprinter van to be much more comfortable. This is mostly due to the taller-than-average height of the van compared to a limousine. When entering a limo, passengers are required to crouch down to accommodate for the low ceiling height. This is never the case for a Mercedes sprinter.

Most Rental Services Offer Optional Extras for Sprinter Vans

Rental services offer optional extras for most modes of transportation, and the sprinter is no exception. Since the van is much smaller than a bus, you shouldn’t count on there being an onboard restroom. However, for an extra cost you can ride around in a van with WiFi, beverages, and LCD TV screens and DVD players for optimal entertainment.

The Mercedes Sprinter is the Epitome of Luxury

Mercedes is a name you can trust. Not only that, it is a name that epitomizes luxury. The sprinter may not be on the same level as a Mercedes Benz, but it is still seen as a luxurious transportation option. Just because it provides transportation for more than a dozen people does not mean that Mercedes skimped on the luxury features of this vehicle. This is why the sprinter is becoming the transportation mode of choice for business professionals everywhere.

The Sprinter Van Focuses on Safety Above All Else

Mercedes has always put a huge focus on manufacturing only the safest vehicles for its drivers. The Sprinter comes with tons of special safety features, including blind spot assist mirrors for seeing blind spots and radar sensors to detect approaching vehicles. Rental services also focus on safety by providing their clients with only the most qualified drivers, drivers who know how to properly handle the Mercedes sprinter van.