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4 Resume Writing Services That Won’t Break the Bank

Deciding whether or not hiring resume writing services is right for you can be difficult. If you’re looking for a service like this, chances are you are out of work. This means you are likely to be on a budget, and hiring a resume service might not fit within your allotted spending allowance. Depending on the agency, these services can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

But without someone to help you perfect your resume, you might never find the job of your dreams. It seems like a vicious cycle, doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of budget-friendly resume writing services that won’t break the bank. These are the top cost-friendly options of 2019.

Employment Boost

This is by far the best option for budget-friendly, high-quality resume writing. Employment Boost ranks #1 on almost every “Top Resume Service” list, even those that aren’t geared towards budget-weary job seekers. Their service is professional, affordable, and has extremely high success rates.

Every Employment Boost agent is stationed in the US, which is uncommon since the cheaper services often outsource to employees overseas. Their employees are highly trained and all required to hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. You can get your entry-level resume for $159, but that’s not all you’ll get. EB also guarantees a job interview within 3 months of using the service. If this doesn’t happen, they’ll give you a job search coaching session for free.

Resumes Planet

The goal at Resumes Planet is to help everyone on this planet accomplish their career-related goals. They help to make this happen by offering quality service that almost anyone can afford. You can get an entry-level resume for $100 or a professional one for $129. Unlike Employment Boost, they don’t have the 3-month guarantee policy for landing an interview. But they do offer 35 days of free resume editing.


This is the world’s largest resume writing service and also one of the best. TopResume has helped over 300,000 people get interviews, and a lot of those people have also landed the job. A nice feature of TR is that it offers a free expert-level review before you pay a cent. You don’t even have to input your credit card details and you’ll receive valuable feedback from industry professionals.

If you want these pros to actually help to fix these critiques, you’ll have to pay. TopResume will set you back $149 if you choose the cheapest option. Anyone in need of a more professional resume will have to pay a bit more. Not the cheapest on this list, but a great choice nonetheless.


ResumeWriters has been an industry leader since 1999 and has nearly 100% customer satisfaction. Clients of RW especially love that the assigned writer caters the resume to each individual and the specific job situation. This service will set you back $170 for a student resume and about $200 for a professional one.