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4 Ways To Beat Junk Food Addiction


We’ve all been there in the past when we’ve been trying to train for that big sporting event, marathon or just trying to lose weight and get healthy. All seems to be going to plan, you’re on track with the exercise and eating right, but then suddenly one day, out of the blue – BAM! Junk food craving! Cravings can hit when your blood sugars dip and also when you’re first starting out on the healthy eating horse and trying to get a handle on your sugar intake. Junk is packed full of sugar and salts and those are actually highly addictive, so the first week or two of healthy eating can be difficult to kick it, but there are a couple of great ways you can help yourself beat that junk food addiction!

Drink Lots Of Water and Get Enough Sleep

Thirst often presents as hunger and so when you begin to feel the snack cravings coming on, consider reaching for your water bottle instead of that bag of crisps or chocolate bar you’ve been saving for a rainy day. Not only this, but your body needs water to help it work correctly including the digestive system which will work on breaking down proteins, vitamins and minerals and dispersing them to the necessary places around the body which will lessen the cravings as your body will be getting the nutrients it’s craving when a snack attack hits.

Load Up On Protein

We aren’t saying hit up a full on Atkins diet, but proteins like eggs, spinach, nuts and more are great ways to keep hunger at bay. Despite what many people think, it’s not carbs that keep you feeling full but actually protein and it’s good for you as well. Protein helps us keep going and gives our muscles the much needed muscle food they need in order to maintain weight training, running and other physical exercises. Be sure to load up on proteins for breakfast to keep yourself full through to lunch time, and then protein load again and you will find your cravings don’t hit nearly as often or as hard.

Eat Proper Meals and Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Hungry

Eating proper meals is not just the healthiest thing you can do for your body, but it will help keep those cravings at bay and will stop you from reaching for the bad snacks when you start to get down about feeling peckish. Make sure you fill up on healthy vegetables, proteins and some carbohydrates as well as having healthy snacks on hand for when you do feel like you just can’t go on without a snack of some kind. Great easy to travel with snacks include trail mix, energy bars and the like.

Don’t Go Food Shopping When You’re Hungry

Food shopping when you’re hungry is just about the worst thing you can do when you’re trying to avoid cravings and snack attacks leading to buying junk food. Going to the store when you’re hungry means you will be more likely to be swayed by your old favourites of chips, chocolate and sugary drinks – these quick fixes for a sugar boost will seem even more enticing when hungry, so be sure to avoid the shops before you’ve eaten!

There you have four great, foolproof ways to help beat junk food addiction – a problem that plagues more and more people every year!