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5 Clothing Tips That’ll Save You Money

When it comes to showcasing your personality and style, your clothes do most of the talking. Whatever you like wearing, we all want to feel confident and comfortable in our skin. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. If you’re watching the pennies but still want to look sleek, here are some great clothing tips that will save you cash.

Read the Label

Whatever clothes tickle your fancy, it pays to read the label first. Knowing your size and what looks right on you will mean you aren’t buying tons of unnecessary clothes. Whether you’re petite, or after plus size clothing, knowing your body shape and size first is essential. Of course, one size from one outlet may look completely different from another but having a general idea of your frame will mean you aren’t spending cash spontaneously.

Avoid Trends

Many people make the mistake of chasing trends. If you resonate with this, you may have a ton of clothes that are collecting dust in your wardrobe. Rather than wearing clothes that are in right now, there are lots of other options to pick from. You don’t want to spend a fortune on the hottest clothes to find you don’t get any use out of them several months down the line.

Go to Charity Shops

No one is saying you have to buy clothes brand new. If you’re on a tight budget and watching your purse, why not head to a charity shop instead? There are lots of second-hand pieces of clothing that are as good as new, and a fraction of the price. From dresses to skirts, jeans to blouses, you can find just about everything you’re looking for in a charity shop. What’s more, any money you part with will be going to worthwhile causes.

Think Practical

When on the hunt for new clothes, it’s time to get your practical thinking cap on. Whatever outfit catches your eye, you’ll want to know you can wear it for all sorts of occasions. If you have a job interview lined up, heading on a first date, or a night out with the girls, buying clothes that can be worn for different events will help you save cash.

Go Through Your Wardrobe

Last but not least, if you’re serious about saving money on clothing, you may find you don’t have to part with another penny! Many of us are guilty of having a wardrobe that’s bursting at the seams. If this sounds like you, now is the time to go through your clobber and wear items that have been pushed to the back. You may even have clothes you’ve never tried on before that you’ll love! Anything you aren’t keen on can be given to charity too.

Whether you’re a dress and heels kind of girl or a pair of jeans and cosy jumper are more to your taste, there are lots of tips you can use that will save you money that can be put to other things.