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5 Effective Ways to Overcome Dysfunctional Behaviors and Stay on Track with Your Career

Career-driven individuals will often think of themselves as invincible and untouchable, being able to maintain a steady upward trajectory towards their professional goals, unfazed by the numerous challenges around them. But oftentimes, hardship tends to creep up under your radar, and when it strikes, it can significantly impact your mindset and force you to stray off your path.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of dysfunctional behavior you have adopted while fighting to the top and trying to overcome professional obstacles. You might feel the temptation to indulge in illicit drugs, alcohol, you might lash out at your colleagues and family members, or you might simply lose your passion and productivity. Whatever the problem might be, it is imperative that you find an effective way to get back on track with your career. Here’s what you need to do.

Identify the root of the problem

The first step to overcoming dysfunctional and career-jeopardizing behaviors is to acknowledge that you have a problem, and more importantly, identify its true cause. Many a time, it can seem like the behavior you’re exhibiting is caused by external stimuli, such as workplace stress, peer pressure, or an unhealthy company culture. And while that may very well be the case, it’s important that you spend time analyzing this problem in order to discover the hidden drivers that make it difficult to overcome. Sometimes, the problem might not be external, but internal in nature. The way you react to your surroundings in your professional and private circles will have a profound influence on your mindset, your core beliefs, as well as your motivation and productivity. Take the time to conduct some deep introspection, and put everything down on a piece of paper.

Analyze how this behavior is affecting your life

Now that you have discovered the true cause of the problem and why you have adopted an unhealthy habit, it’s time to put things in perspective. It’s time to ask yourself the hard questions and, again, put your answers down on a piece of paper so that you can gain an in-depth view on your situation. How is this behavior affecting your work? How is it affecting your work-life balance? How is it affecting the company’s culture and your colleagues? How is this behavior affecting your professional image in the eyes of your superiors? How is it affecting your personal life? What are your chances of achieving your professional goals if you continue in the same manner? These are just some of the hard questions that will help you gain a unique, realistic perspective of your situation, and why it has to change.

Consider seeking professional help and guidance

Whatever it is that you’re going through at work or at home, two things are certain: this behavior is negatively affecting your professional and personal life, and you need an effective way to overcome it as soon as possible if you are to get your career back on track. Now that you understand the gravity of both of these issues, it’s time to research your options. Much like a person struggling with a drug addiction would enter drug rehab in order to maximize their chances of achieving long-term sobriety, you too should realize that there is always a professional out there (or a team of professionals) who can help you overcome your dysfunctional routine. No matter if you’re hooked on drugs or alcohol, if you are feeling burnt out and stressed, or if you’re succumbing to the pressure of a competitive workplace, you need to seek professional help in order to overcome the problem and get back to the office feeling empowered and passionate, with your eyes fixated on your goals.

Adopt healthier lifestyle habits

Of course, you can’t expect to overcome any dysfunctional habit or behavior in the long term if you don’t adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Leading a healthier lifestyle overall is a great way to minimize stress, boost your happiness and positivity throughout the day, empower your mind, and even ensure top productivity. Make sure to adopt the habits that directly help battle the problems you’re experiencing. For example, if you’re battling stress and anxiety, perhaps meditation and regular exercise might help you. Likewise, if you want to ensure lifelong sobriety, then banish all temptation from your life and start eating healthy to support a positive lifestyle.

Brainstorm ideas how to prevent a relapse

Healthy habits will help you stay on the right path and focus all of your positive energy on your career, but you should also have a contingency plan in case you notice that the old behavioral patterns are starting to emerge. Be sure to visit your psychiatrist regularly for consultations, don’t miss any support group meetings, and of course, turn to your family and friends for emotional support and guidance.

In closing

You have the potential to achieve your professional goals, and your go-getter attitude will help you overcome many hurdles on the path to success. But when the climb to the top becomes too steep, be sure to follow these steps in order to get your professional and personal life back on track.