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5 Essential Qualities of Every Social Media Marketing Expert

You might think you are a pro when it comes to all things social media. Making quality Facebook posts, tweeting at celebs on Twitter, and adding to your Instagram story is child’s play for you, leading you to believe you are a true social media marketing expert.

Conquering personal social media accounts is much different than understanding the ins and outs of businesses utilizing social media platforms. You might be an expert at your own personal social media game, but there is only a certain type of person who can master everything involved in social media marketing. These 5 qualities are a must for the top social media marketers of 2019.

They must be social media savvy

It goes without saying that a social media marketing expert needs to be savvy with social media platforms. When we say savvy, we mean that this person needs to have a full understanding of all aspects of the platform that is being worked with, but even better is to have complete knowledge of all platforms.

They can get the conservation started

Half the battle of building a social media business account is getting people interested in what you have to say. This is why your marketing expert needs to be able to get people talking since this is the ultimate way to build a following. If people aren’t interested in what you have to say, none of your posts will be shared and zero of your pictures will be liked. Without interest, there is no potential for growth.

They are emotionally mature

A career in social media is not for the faint of heart, especially if your heart has not emotionally matured past your teenage years. Working with social media on a daily basis can be wearing and if you take things too personally, you’ll burn out faster than you can say “send me a friend request.” Being able to differentiate between the real world and the world of social media is a must and requires a lot of emotional maturity on the part of the expert.

They are fun yet professional

No matter your company and the people you’re trying to reach, there needs to be a balance between professionalism and fun. Your marketer needs to have a fun personality but also an air of professionalism. In other words, the experts know when it is time make a humorous post or when something more serious is appropriate. Social media marketing is definitely a fun job, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

They can relate to all kinds of people

It is obviously an important quality for your marketing professional to relate to your target audience, but he or she should also have the ability to relate to more people than just your audience. Knowing how to reach out to people of all walks of life is crucial. Relating to people won’t just help with outreach, but it will also prevent any posts from being seen as offensive to your friends and followers.