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5 Things To Put In An Email Signature

Email signatures allow you to introduce yourself, the company and offer customers a more extensive list of ways to contact you. However, they are much more than glorified business cards, and you can get creative with your email signature to make a big impression and build your brand.

#1 Social media links

There aren’t many businesses left in the world that don’t recognize the power of social media marketing. Social media networks allow companies to connect with their customers directly, putting their products and services in front of them in the blink of an eye. Enticing people onto your social media accounts can be difficult, but including links in your email signature is a great way to ensure a gradual build-up of followers.

#2 Contact details

One of the more basic (but still often overlooked) elements of an email signature is your companies contact details. The phone number is an obvious addition along with the address, but depending on your business’s nature, contacts for different departments can also be useful. Compiling a solid contact list at the bottom of an email makes it much easier for customers to find the information they need and cuts down on back-and-forth emails as they seek more information.

#3 Any legal information

Legal details, including copyright notifications and data use terms, are important parts of your email signature. Contrary to popular belief, these don’t need to be densely worded or overly complicated – a simple disclaimer will usually suffice. Putting this in the signature gives you and your customers peace of mind. You know that the business has fulfilled its legal obligations, and the customer knows that they have some degree of legal protection.

#4 Company logo

Including the logo is an important part of branding. You’ll be sending hundreds of emails per week, so getting your company logo on the email means that it will appear in front of a lot of eyes. Email marketing is underrated but has a cumulative effect as logo recognition builds over time. Most businesses tend to go even further, though. By using an email signature generator like rocketseed.com, they are able to build their brand with uniform colors, fonts, and styles that reflect the wider company aesthetic.

#5 Banner

This is more of an optional extra, but it can still make a fantastic impression. Banners are a useful way of building your company image and helping to construct a brand. They can include anything from a simple picture to something more elaborate. Making the banner clickable is a useful way to drive traffic to your landing site or social media. Banners grab attention because they stand out from the rest of the email, drawing the eye. Use them with caution, however. Graphic heavy footers might look impressive, but if they’re too big, they’ll be slow to send and even more sluggish to load, especially if the person on the other end of the email has a slow internet connection.