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5 Very Common Home Renovation Mistakes That Homeowners Need To Avoid

Every single home renovation can be traumatic. The financial investment that you make is always serious and mistakes happen more often than you might think. Renovations need to be smoothly navigated and you always need to avoid all the mistakes that are presented below. Keep in mind that they are just those that are really common, not all that could happen.

Rushing The Renovation Job

Unfortunately, TV shows are very bad influences for homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens. This is because they get people to think that they can easily and quickly get kitchens renovated. In reality, such a project can easily take a very long time, much more than just one week. Just think about plumbing. Even with specialists like Fix It Right Plumbing, you can end up having to spend a week simply on the plumbing work needed in your kitchen.

Not Considering Your Gut Instincts

You should always interview different contractors and other professionals when you assemble the team that will be responsible for kitchen renovations. Basically, you need to really do your homework or you can end up faced with countless problems. Contractors need to be met in person and you have to discuss all things with them before you commit to something.

When it is time to make y our final choice, do not neglect your instincts. If you feel like one of the contractors you talked to is doing something shady or cannot be trusted, just hire another one.


Communication is simply vital. You need to talk with all team members and it is simply mandatory that you discuss every single part of the work that is to be done with your partner. Your renovation project should be seen as a blank canvas.

Communication helps you to build a really strong rapport with the contractor. You want this to happen since the professional helps you to work through all possible disagreements. During kitchen renovation projects, there will be different disagreements that will appear.

Believing You Know Everything Best

You can easily get inspiration when you look at social networks like Pinterest or interior design sites. However, this can easily lead to you thinking that you know everything about the project when in reality, many of the choices you would make would be mistakes. You need to work with a designer whenever you need to be guided on the choices that are available for you.

To keep things as simple as possible, whenever you have doubts, you need to talk to the specialists to get them sorted. Also, always take the input that they offer really seriously.

Budgeting Mistakes

Last but not least, you need to pick a strict budget number. You have to be sure that you know how much you can safely afford to spend. If you do not do this, you end up with huge potential problems in the future. When you look at your initial estimate, you should add around 20% more. This is because there can always be some extra costs that you did not plan for and that appear.