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7 places to eat out in New York

New York has an elite collection of restaurants. Whether you grab the food on-the-go, or are a savvy diner, NYC have something for every eater. No New York trip can ever be complete without dining at its cute restaurants. Take a walk around the city and you will find pizza chains, Michelin Star establishments, pop Ethiopian spots, street food vendors, and speciality restaurants, all happily co-existing into the city’s small spaces.

They say it will take you approximately 23 years to eat at every restaurant in New York City. But we have brought for you our top 7. Dig in.

1. Katz’s Delicatessen

Kat’z is iconical “New York” and the oldest deli in New York City. Sure it is noisy and rushed, but this classic Lower East Side Jewish Deli is where all the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ fans must head to. People say Kat’z has the best pastrami sandwich, but there is more. Visit to find out.

Where? Lower East Side

2. Keens Steakhouse

There is no place like Keens. A historic dining landmark in NYC, Keens is legendary. While critics call this place a “granddaddy of all NYC steakhouses,” this century-plus old steakhouse and its splendid décor has been charming New Yorkers with its perfect harbor-side romantic tête-à-tête setting. While the lovingly cooked piece of charred T-bone steak steals the show, diners also love their signature dish – the mutton chop.  On the side, a glass of California Cabernet makes for a perfect meal.

Where? Midtown

3. Buvette

A miniature version of an archetypal Paris cafe, Buvette is pretty! Set in the charming neighbourhood of West Village in New York City, walk into Buvette from 7 AM to 2 AM everyday. There are baskets with baked good everywhere along with a bunch of knick-knacks. This place is rustic chic and offers a French small-plates menu.

Where? West Village

4. Tokyo Record Bar

Located on the west side of Lower Manhattan, Tokyo Record Bar offers prix fixe Japanese menus and late-night à la carte dining, in addition to classic choose-your-own vinyl. Perfect for a creative kind of a date, their seven-course tasting menu is unlike any other in NYC.

Where? Greenwich Village

5. Fuku

Fuku is all about fried-chicken domination. A casual chicken concept by Momofuku, this place has really grown up. Their signature spicy chicken sandwich is brilliant. Also on the menu is chicken fingers, sides, and bar drinks.

Where? East Village

6. Balthazar

One of the best recommended NYC restaurants, so much so that New York diners will book a table a month out. Keith McNally’s Balthazar is perfect for brunch dates, walk-in, and the restaurant smells like a warm sea breeze. Their bouillabaisse, steak tartare with non-traditional fish sauce and yuzu kosho has to be had!

Where? SoHo

7. L&B Spumoni Gardens


A pizza pilgrim, L&B Spumoni Gardens is perfect for pizza and ice cream parties. If you are a connoisseur of Sicilian pizza, this family-style Italian eatery serves the signature square pie with melted mozzarella and tangy tomato sauce. A meal out at L&B is a must if you are in Brooklyn. After pizza, what you really want is spumoni – a sort of an ice cream/Italian ice hybrid.

Where? Brooklyn

The next time you plan a trip to New York City, make sure you check out one or all of these New York eateries!