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8 Tips to Date an Alpha Female

Many men think they know what they want until they actually get it. Those that believe they want a smart, sexy, forward thinking woman usually find they are pushed aside. Whether it be because she wants to put her career first, or whether it’s because she loses interest – alpha females are hard to find, but harder to keep hold of.

We operate a London Escorts service that can give you the alpha female experience; without the ongoing cost to your ego. Failing that; follow our eight top tips for dating her – and keeping her all for yourself.

How to Date an Alpha Female

Just like there are alpha men, there are also alpha women. So how do you date them and make sure they don’t stray?

1 – Let her Take the Reigns

To keep an alpha female interested in you, you can’t be in control all the time. You are going to have to split taking the lead. If you let hr drive all the time, she will get bored eventually. If you wrestle control from her at the times when it matters most? You might have a relationship that lasts.

2 – Don’t Play Games

Alpha females have high emotional intelligence. If they think you are playing games with them, it is akin to switching off their sense of attraction. Don’t play games and you will find she tolerates you. Otherwise? Maybe you just want a sub in disguise.

3 – Don’t Limit Her

She is an alpha because she knows she is strong enough to do anything. She makes her own money and spends her time how she wants to, doing what she thinks is best. Start putting limitations on this and she will likely show you the door.

4 – They want Respect more than Flattery

It is one thing to tell a woman her hair looks nice. An alpha female will seek out your company if you tell her you admire the way she handled that meeting, the way she owned a room, or the way she dances with so much confidence. She knows she looks good. You don’t have to tell her all the time.

5 – Don’t Expect the Usual

If you’re looking for someone to stay at home swooning while you party – get a cat. An alpha female will either be by your side, or out with her own friends. She isn’t going to waste time fawning over you. She has better things to do.

6 – Keep your Money

She DEFINETLY doesn’t want your money. You can keep it. If the fact that she makes her own makes you uncomfortable, you never really wanted an alpha to begin with. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want flowers and chocolates. It just means she is not a gold digger… and she might just buy them for you.

7 – Don’t Overburden her

If you worked with an alpha male, how likely would you be to shovel all the tasks you didn’t want to do onto him? Why would you do it to your alpha female partner? Just something to think about.

8 – Don’t Expect a Mother

While other women are often tempted to ‘look after’ a man, an alpha assumes he can take care of himself. She will be there for you, but she won’t be kissing your bruises better. Handle your own self if you want to bag an alpha. She is too busy balancing the rest of her life to take on a/another child.