Hall of Fame: Abiola Balikis Bankole, Editor

Abiola Balikis Bankole
Age: 22
Location: London
Wants to be: Editor-in-chief

‘Libra’s are the Queens of balance and equality. I am the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Afrokanist Magazine and Afrokanist Snaps. I am a graduate of Goldsmiths University, an entrepreneur, photographer, activist, journalist, writer and poet. Afrokanist Magazine is the Lion that disapproves of the hunter’s narrative. We utilize balance representations of Africans globally to create an archive of African stories in the global media market. Furthermore Afrokanist Magazine is a platform used to support and educate young entrepreneurs. It is also our platform to celebrate the abundance of African cultures. Check us out on www.afrokanistmagazine.com

I originally started out by blogging about stories which interested me. I was then approached by a young lady from Nigeria called Madeena Maishanu, who suggested that we collaborated. She is in charge of producing stories for our platform that come out of Northern Nigeria. Our long term vision is to launch branches of Afrokanist in all African countries and widen our international community.

We recently ran a launch event for Afrokanist Magazine at somewhereto_ Tottenham where we sold more than 50 copies. The ex-mayor of Enfield Kate Anolue even turned up! somewhereto_ has helped me provide a platform to showcase the amazing abilities that the young people I work with have, helping me take my project to a new audience.’


  • Team player
  • Working with people
  • Motivational speaker
  • Mentor
  • Photographer
  • Sales
  • Editorial
  • Publishing
  • Journalist
  • Website designer
  • Event organizer
  • Administrator

Abiola is a social ambassador on a mission to change the world, perceptions and equality. Focusing on African culture she is creating a platform and showcase for all to use and be informed by.