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Ahmed Nashaat – Awesome TV Shows To Watch in Lockdown

Myself and my roomie Ahmed Nashaat have been in lockdown now for just over 3 weeks and we have spent much of that time getting stuck in to some awesome TV shows. There is nothing like a good marathon TV session when you are stuck at home and what Ahmed and I have done is to have a choice each, and take it in turns to give TV shows a try. We have only had to cancel the watching of 2 shows because we got bored, but these are the ones which I’d recommend.


This interesting TV show follows a man who has information on the world’s biggest criminals, and wishes to take them down with the help of the FBI. The man himself is a criminal and he has created what he calls a Blacklilst, targeting a different number of the list with each episode. The show itself is good and although it is ever so slightly formulaic by the time you get to the 3rd season, the principal actor is brilliant and he keeps the entertainment going.

Money Heist

Money Heist is a Spanish speaking tv show which is probably one of the best which I have watched in the last few years. The show follows The Professor who creates a group of criminals with nothing to lose, with his heart set on stealing from the Royal Mint of Spain. The plan is ridiculously well thought out and elaborate and so good is the crime that you actually end up siding with the criminals rather than the police. There are 4 seasons of this spectacular TV show.


Both Ahmed and I missed the Suits bandwagon when it first came around and if you did too then you are in for a real treat. The show follows a law firm which puts itself in jeopardy after hiring a young lawyer who has not studied law or passed the bar, but who has a photographic memory and can recite the law front back and sideways. The character in this show are amazing and you will definitely pick a favorite as soon as you start watching. This is a corporate law firm which seems to have many enemies, but it is their strength and unity which helps them to keep winning.


Fleabag is a great British comedy which is 30 minutes per episode and follows the life of a hapless girl with a falling coffee shop, a wealthy and jealous sister and a best friend who has killed herself, which may or may not have been her fault. This is a laugh-a-minute comedy which you are just going to fall in love with. The show was written by Phoebe-Waller Bridge who also stars in the show, a truly wonderful written comedy.

Which one will be first on your list? And if you have any recommendations for us please don’t hesitate to let us know.