Amazing Opportunity to Exhibit Artwork

Gavin Thackery
Age: 26

I am currently a Fine Art student just finished my second year at De Montfort University, Leicester with a 2:1. I have a condition called Cerebral Palsy, which affects my mobility and my speech. I love producing art, as it makes me feel free and it enables me to be as creative as possible.

My artwork is about escapism into the unknown world. I approach this by experimenting with the use of composition in an imaginative way. I believe that my sense of composition has an unique style to the surface i.e. airplanes going off the edge of the canvas. In my artwork my narrative is about commercial aeroplane and the architecture from around the world. I mainly paint British Airways and other airlines logos, but I do portraits as well. The reason why I use commercial airplanes is because if I was able-bodied I would have had been an airline pilot. I use acrylic and oil paints, but I draw as well. When I draw or paint London, I give the impression of the atmosphere of London. I produce a compacted artwork with airplanes and architecture. My use of mark-making techniques has an ability to show my concepts/language in what I am communicating in my artwork!

I received my influence by researching Pop Art and also historic and contemporary paintings such as; Malcolm Morley and Andy Warhol. I enjoy experimenting with mixing my colour palette, which makes the atmosphere of my paintings vibrant. I use a wide-range scale of canvases. These scales of canvases allow me to use different mark-making techniques with my brushes.

I have had a few exhibitions showing my artwork in the HUB, which is in Sleaford, Lincolnshire in 2009 and received interest in my art. This was successful. I have also exhibit my artwork in the Newarke House Museum, Leicester alongside with my fellow students in 2013. I was considered by British Airways to have my artwork in Terminal 5 art gallery at London Heathrow! Last May I had my first solo-exhibition in Leicester City Centre, which was a great success! I was broadcasted on BBC Radio Leicester and covered in the Leicester Mercury (newspaper). I sold a few of my painting’s from this exhibition. My artwork is being shown now in the De Montfort University Library for the Summer. The Vice-Chancellor of the University has shown a great interest in my artwork.

My ambition is to become a successful artist and have my art in galleries across the world. I would love to build up my artist portfolio and have more exhibitions in the near future.