Hall of Fame: Amy Win, Caterer and Social Innonvator

Amy Win
Age: 25
Location: Manchester, England
Wants to be: Entrepreneur, Caterer, Social Innovator

I am a creative entrepreneur from Manchester who has dedicated my life to cooking and catering for disadvantaged communities, sharing my skills in workshops and cooking sessions.

4Lunch is a catering service and social enterprise that offers young people in Manchester an opportunity to explore a career in food. 4Lunch aims to unite young people in a shared love of food, and inspire creativity and increase confidence amongst those who need it most. 4Lunch envisions a future where young people feel empowered to take charge of their careers and inspire their peers to do the same.

Learning how to cook is an essential part of learning to live independently and is the key to a healthy balanced lifestyle. Food brings people together and cooking delivers an almost immediate sense of achievement, important for those that may feel insecure in their abilities.

4Lunch was established as a result of the experiences I had when I was volunteering with young people in Manchester, I saw a need to start a project offering valuable business and practical skills to the people who needed it most. The aim was to set up a self-sustaining social enterprise that would contribute to the local economy as well as give back to the local community.
I’m a trained mentor for young people, and trained in delivering healthy eating and nutrition workshops. I also hold qualifications in food hygiene, health and safety and safeguarding.






  • Teaching
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Customer service
  • Cooking and catering
  • Teaching Management
  • Innovation
  • Business management
  • Presenting / Public speaking