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An Expert’s Guide to Choosing Right Lighting for Your Home

When choosing lights for home, one needs to put a lot of thought into the process. This is because the lighting is an important factor to influence the look and feel of your space. The right lighting can either make or break your room’s ambiance. Additionally, the type of lighting also impacts your mood and productivity. So when thinking of ideas for lighting your home, it is important to follow certain rules.

Different types of home lighting

There are different types of lighting options and each type of lighting serves a different purpose in your home. So to ensure your space is properly lit as per your purpose, you should plan things accordingly. Let us explore different types of lighting options and how they work.

1. Pendant and Chandeliers:

Overhead or pendant lights are often used to create a focal point in the room. A chandelier can be used to set the mood in both the small and large spaces. Whether you choose pendant or chandelier make sure that it aligns your style and fits your space appropriately.

  • Using a crystal chandelier is not recommended for rustic or lodge style homes.
  • Using a large pendant lamp in a small room can create an overpowering effect.
  • If rooms or entryways are big enough, make sure to use two pendant lights to create an effect.
  • Hanging pendant lights above end tables and bedroom nightstands instead of a table lamp will let enhance space in the living room.

Thus, use light fixtures that create a cohesive look and enable you to achieve room lighting that is in synchronization with the focal point.

2. Ambient Lighting and places to install them: 

After affixing the overhead light fixtures, you need to think about supplementing it with other light sources. For this, you need to analyze your space, as per the natural lighting and existing overhead light choose additional lighting.

  • When choosing room lighting ideas, consider each room as a whole.
  • Know the purpose of each room and the amount of time you spend there.
  • If any dark spots in the room, consider adding light to add warmth.
  • Use lights at different levels within each room: pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, study lamps, or task lamps.
  • To lend a soft appeal to your home it is worth investing in lamps or lampshades enclosed in glass. For this, you’ll get numerous styles, colors, and materials to choose from.

3. Task Lighting to fit Your All Needs: 

If you an avid reader or game enthusiast then you need to invest in corner lights, floor lamps, and tabletops to suit your requirements. A floor lamp is ideal to be placed beside your reading chair. It can also be used as mood lighting as it comes with easy adjustment allowing lowering or raising as per the requirement.

Furthermore, when considering lighting for your home, make sure that all areas in your home are well-lit.