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Are you yet to find the sport you love?

People are different and while we know some physical exercise is good for all of us, for many of it’s difficult to find the sport we’d actually enjoy doing. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a team sport or something you can do individually, as long as you can get some sweat running, it’s good for your health.

I won’t talk about stuff like running, or going to the gym, or even football, basketball, and other stuff you know already. Instead, lets look at some weird sports you might have not even heard of.


Whether it deserves to be in the first spot or not can be argued, especially as it’s a sport invented in Estonia, and you might not be able to do it in many places, although it’s gaining popularity, and the idea behind it is very simple. In simplest terms it’s simply swinging. The difference is that the swings are anywhere from three to seven (or more) meters high, and your goal is to go over the top. It might not sound like much, but believe me when I say that it’s exercise, and it’s fun. Plus you can compete with your friends and see who’s able to go over the top with the longest swings.

Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf

While true fans of those two sports might not like me to put them both together here, in my mind they both involve sort of a frisbee. Of course, the difference is that Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport played on an area with a size of a football field. And Disc golf is a sport you can do individually where you need to throw the discs inside special baskets. If you’re not into team sport, the latter might be up your ally, and it’s fun. It involves walking, throwing, and competing with your friends (if you want). What else can one ask for!

Muggle Quidditch

You’ve seen Harry Potter, right? Muggle Quidditch is a based on the game from JK Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series. Of course, compared to the game in the books and movies, unfortunately no flying is involved. And that makes us all sad, I know.

Kick volleyball

It doesn’t take too much imagination to guess what that might be – volleyball where using your hands is not allowed.

Unicycle Hockey

Have you ever tried to ride a unicycle? No? Maybe it’s time to try it! And once you’ve got a hang of it, why not try playing hockey while riding it.

Moving on to slightly less sporty sports, there are also these:

Table football

We can’t probably consider this a true sport when it comes to cardio and stuff, but it’s fun, and it still makes at least your hands move, plus it also gives some work to your brain.

Betting on sports

If you really, really don’t like to do any sports you knew of before, and we couldn’t introduce any new sports that you’d enjoy either, yet you enjoy watching sports, then you could consider something else such as digging into this soccer betting guide here. Of course, in all honesty, if anyone would claim that sports betting is sports as well, we’d know he’s full of it. But for some people watching sports and then betting on them might be the closest they might ever get to sports. So let’s just say – it’s something.