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BCFS Health and Human Services Offers Pre- and Post-Natal Care

Expectant mothers and those with young babies need routine medical care and consultation to ensure the health of themselves and their children. In Texas, many mothers rely on the services provided by BCFS Health and Human Services through the organization’s Healthy Start program. The program is part of a global nonprofit that aids low-income parents, youth in foster care, victims of domestic violence, homeless families, and expectant mothers. The Healthy Start program offers expectant moms and those with kids under 18 months old with access to health services, educational content, and guidance. Healthy Start offers an array of services including lab, pediatric care, “well woman” checks, and other medical-related services.

BCFS Health and Human Services and Healthy Start’s goals include reducing infant mortality, reducing child abuse, and providing women with a head start for raising strong babies within stable homes. The organization’s efforts include a mobile medical care vehicle that will come to a mother’s location to provide them with routine care as well as other services. The mobile unit is an invaluable resource for women with limited transportation options and those with physical mobility issues who struggle to travel to care centers.

The mobile medical unit is part of BCFS Health and Human Service’s mission of creating trust between the organization and its services and the broader community.