Spotlight On: Artist, Bethany Costerd

To celebrate all the amazing young people we’ve met over the past four years of somewhereto_ we’re bringing you some of our project highlights. First up is an artist from Sheffield, Bethany Costerd. 

Bethany’s work plays with abstraction and she paints with non- traditional materials such as polystyrene and plaster, as well as paper, watercolour, ink and felt tip pens to create two-dimensional and three dimensional forms.

Bethany recently graduated from her Fine Art degree and moved to Sheffield. With the help of somewhereto_ she has just completed a site-specific installation in an empty shop on Wakefield High Street. She undertook this challenge to push herself and her work, with Amy and Lucy providing the support and freedom to experiment and create something to be proud of. She created organic work, which evolved in relation to the space, and is using this ambitious addition to her portfolio to apply for an MA next year.

‘It’s such a great resource for people starting out. I have recommended it especially to my friends in London where cheap exhibit spaces are quite difficult to find.’

We think Bethany is going to go on to create great work, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

somewhereto_ is winding down in all regions except London from 30th June. For further creative opportunities in Wakefield, check out