Birmingham’s Freshest Dancers

This is our pick of Birmingham’s freshest up and coming dancers. So if you’re in need of a brilliant, enthusiastic dance company in the West Midlands than you know where to look. Check them out now.


Paris Briscoe


‘I have been dancing for the past 19 years, studying and performing. Over the past four years I have been teaching dance in primary and secondary schools in Birmingham. From this experience my passion has increased for using dance to help young girls identify their talent, feel good about themselves and develop their creative abilities in dance.

I have now begun the process of developing a female dance company in Birmingham. My dancers will age from 14 to 18 years old. I aim to develop the young women in a variety of dance styles. I will also be organising workshops with other choreographers for company to take part in.

somewhereto_ has provided me with studio space for me to direct and choreograph my latest dance video for the promotion of my company. somwhereto_ has been a great support to me and assisted me in my vision whilst continuously being positive and encouraging with a clear interest in my work.’


Jessica Campbell


‘I am a member of Free Form Ensemble, a new collective of five emerging dance artists based in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We have come together with a shared passion and ethos to make relevant and accessible work in exciting and unusual spaces. 

We are dance graduates from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Laban and University of Roehampton. We have come together after an initial period of mentoring and career development support from Birmingham Dance Network.

We are working with somewhere_to to connect with local resources and spaces to develop our practice. We feel the need to come together to make work to counteract the current trend of importing talent into the region. We want to invest and develop our own artistic practice and offer it to the city.

We feel very passionately that as artists based in the West Midlands, we want to make work in the West Midlands and represent the area with integrity and honesty.’


Daniel Gordon



  ‘I am an aspiring choreographer from Birmingham, looking to open my own dance company “Amor’Jayne”. I am really inspired by directors such as Steven Klein and Quentin Tarantino. I love how they can make tragedy look so beautiful. When I choreograph a piece for stage I alway try and find a way I can impact the audience. I always try and think about my work from the audience’s perspective and try and figure out ways I can keep them captivated. Most of these ways are not by giving them a pretty dance.

somewhereto_ has really helped me find space in order for me to start creating ideas for future projects. At the moment I am working on a concept video and without the help of somewhereto I wouldn’t have the space to pursue what I want to achieve.’


Nathan Lafayette



‘I run the
Jigsaw Collective, a dance collective influenced by all manner of disciplines including street dance and contemporary. The ethos of the group is collaboration; the dancers organically create movements which they subsequently put together to create a whole picture.

In the past two years, I have transitioned from a social to a professional dancer. This has been a major lesson in terms of establishing myself as both an artists and as a socially conscious brand The Jigsaw Collective. With the help of my fellow choreographer Olga Kossarek, I have been moving towards developing the collective into an fusion of each dancer’s personal taste, growing our ideas together and blending it all into a cohesive movement.

The Jigsaw Collective have gone on to headline their own show at The Crescent Theatre, as well as play a key role in in community shows in Birmingham. I am currently working with somewhereto_ to find rehearsal space in preparation for my upcoming Put Your Foot Down event at International Dance Festival in Birmingham.