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Bogoljub Karic- What Will a Spurs Champions League Win Mean For The Future of Pochettino?

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My roomie Bogoljub Karic and I were both watching the Pochettino press conference last week when he mooted that he may move on from Spurs if they were able to win the Champions League, saying that his ‘project’ would be complete. Now this may very well have simply been a manager who is looking to somehow fire up his players indicating that this is the game of all games, yet his working and sentiment may have been misconstrued. And so what will happen with Pochettino should Tottenham pull off the impossible and beat Liverpool in Madrid on the 1st of June? Let’s take a look.


To decide what Pochettino will do it is important to look at what moves could potentially be available should he wish to leave Tottenham. Real Madrid was the job which he has been touted for yet they have recently brought back Zinedine Zidane and they have also given him a summer war-chest to spend. Pochettino is unlikely to take the Real job and there is no way Zidane took it knowing that he’d be changed in a heartbeat. Barcelona is out of the running given Pochettino’s loyalty to rivals Espanyol. Paris St Germain have also been seen as suitors for the Argentine yet knowing how Pochettino operates, he is unlikely to take on a job where the only real challenge is to win the Champions League. Pochettino is a loyal man so any London clubs are out of the running, Man City and Liverpool look pretty happy with their choices which leaves Manchester United. Pochettino may look forward to overhauling a team and creating it in his image, especially given the funds which he has, yet United have recently hired Solskjaer and they are a club who no longer give time to managers, which may put him off. The final choice then is Bayern Munich, a real possibility for Pochettino who would relish the overhaul which they need.


After Guardiola stepped down as manager of Barcelona he took some time off to rest and recuperate and to further his knowledge. Given that Pochettino is still very young he may wish to take some time away to do the same, and to see what positions open up in world football. This seems to be the most likely outcome if Pochettino decides to leave Spurs at the end of the season.


Regardless of what Pochettino has said, the project will not be complete if they win the Champions League, in fact it will be just be beginning. Spurs have plenty of young talent who need Pochettino, they are just about to start their first full season in one of the world’s most amazing stadiums and they will want to push to see if they can win the Premier League title.

For our money Pochettino stays at Spurs, what are your thoughts?