Hall of Fame: Brighton Creatives

Brighton has always been brimming with creativity, providing a great backdrop to nurture young talent. We bring you the pick of the bunch.


Brighton CreativesName: Claire Louise Tarrant



Claire has many strings to her bow – tattoo artist, studio manager and illustrator. She is part of a collective called Plat From Plai Ground, who were given the opportunity to run It is What It is, in Brighton.

Through this experience, Claire made a wealth of contacts, and learnt that showing up with passion for your art was enough to get people interested. She also learnt discipline, organisation and enthusiasm, giving her confidence to pursue her dream of becoming self employed.

‘somewhereto_ helped me understand the importance of what it is to own something…Being self employed was scary at first, but being involved with somewhereto_ gave me such a huge confidence boost.’






Name: Adam CBrighton Creativesampbell (Beardless)





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Adam is a freelance illustrator working out of Brighton, creating hand drawn artwork for posters, band art and shirt design.

He uses a mix of dotwork, cross hatching and scribbles in colouring.

He has taken part in somewhereto_ exhibitions and shows, showcasing and selling his prints and t-shirts as well as networking with other like minded individuals, helping him grow his skills in organisation and collaboration.







Name: Ben GoBrighton Creativesre



Ben is a Brighton based illustrator and photographer. Creating subversive illustrations such as Grimemon – a grime inspired take on Pokeman, and documenting youth culture through photography with collections such as ‘Daydream Mixtape ‘ and ‘Second Adolescence.’

Ben also runs Blue Monday Press, a business that helps young creatives get their work into print and onto gallery walls. He uses somewhereto_ to find the space to exhibit young artists, growing his curation, planning, collaborating and marketing skills.

‘somewhereto_ has consistently been a great help with finding spaces to exhibit young artists.’