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Buy Autographs for Sale, Invest in Vintage Vinyl, or Start a Coin Collection: The Most Valuable Collectibles of the 21st Century

As human beings, most of us love partaking in our inherent consumer habits. In other words, we love to shop. And not just shop, but shop for things of value, both in terms of retail value and personal value. If this sounds like you, you might enjoy starting a collection of some sort.

Maybe you already troll the internet to buy autographs for sale or you have a vintage vinyl record collection that is out of this world. Whatever items you collect, there is something special about having a collection all to yourself. That amazing feeling you get when you stumble upon an item that would make an amazing addition to your collection is to good to even put into words.

If you don’t have a collection yet, but would like to start one, here are a few ideas on where to start. Even if you have one, but are in the market for a new collectibles-related hobby, consider investing in these most valuable collectible items of our era.

Fine Art Pieces

Maybe collecting artwork isn’t your cup of tea, but if you love all things art, starting a fine artwork collection is a solid idea. Collecting fine art is certainly not a budget-friendly hobby, but it has been proven to be a smart investment by many art fanatics.

Unfortunately, though, if you wish to collect the most valuable art pieces in the world, you do indeed need to be a billionaire (or at least close to it). To offer some perspective, a Leonardo da Vinci painting sold for nearly $500 million in 2017.

Coins of the Past

Back in the 70s, it seemed as if everyone had a rare coin collection, but nowadays it isn’t nearly as common. Collecting coins is more in the price range of the average person, but just like collecting fine art, starting a coin collection is still a great investment. If you currently have a coin collection, you could be sitting on a gold mine. In 2013 at an annual coin auction in Dallas, a 1794 US Silver Dollar sold for over $10 million.

Stamps from Around the World

Since stamps are made from paper, many of the world’s most rare stamps have been either tossed away or disintegrated due to improper storage. Collecting stamps means that you need to follow the proper maintenance and storage procedures just so, but some collectors actually love this aspect of collecting rare stamps.

Fine Wines

If you have the will power to collect alcohol rather than drink it right away, try starting a fine wine collection. The practice of fermenting grapes for wine originated around 10,000 BCE and there are many references to wine in the Bible’s Old Testament. Holding on to a bottle of fine wine (not the cheap commercial stuff you find in grocery stores) is a great method for investing and accruing money over time. Just don’t pop the cork!