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Cannabis Oil Extraction Methods That You Should Know

For some years now, there has been a big hype about the use of cannabis oil for medical reasons. When refined to separate different cannabinoids, the extract becomes even more potent and useful without side effects.

But let us break things down for a better understanding. Cannabis oil refers to the raw extract of cannabis plants, either marijuana or hemp. In its raw form, it contains a full spectrum of the over 100 cannabinoids thought to reside in the cannabis plant. Out of all these, the main interest lies in two of them: cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

All said and done, let us look at the best ways to extract the cannabis oil from either the hemp or marijuana plants.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

Removing the cannabis extract from the plant can be done using a variety of reagents. The carbon dioxide (CO2) method is largely used, especially by commercial companies. When using this method, companies have to apply high pressure to convert the gas into liquid to dissolve the contents from the cannabis plant. Experts claim that it is costly to set up this system but it is the best since there is no loss of the valuable compounds of the cannabis plant.

Olive Oil Extraction

This old method has been in use since time immemorial. It is worth appreciating it as a method that can be used even by novices at home. According to Cannaflower experts, it is used to extract cannabis extract from both hemp and marijuana flowers and the plant.

First, the plant is heated to agitate the compounds and then olive oil is added and heating continues. The double bath method is used to avoid deep frying the plants in the direct heat. The only catch is that the extract is used together with the CBD oil.

Alcohol or Solvent Extraction

The use of alcohol and solvents such as propane or butane is also common, even at commercial levels. The solvent dissolves the compounds in the hemp or marijuana plants very well during the first stage of the process. The catch here is that solvents also strip the chlorophyll, which is not desirable to some users. But those who understand know that this compound can add value to the extract.

After the solution is thoroughly mixed, the residues are strained to be left with the liquid, which is then evaporated. The final product is either a thick oil or waxy tincture or concentrate. Experts advise some caution during this process because it is extremely risky when all of the solvents do not evaporate.

Using Dry Hemp and Marijuana Extracts

There is an increasing number of people who prefer to use ground cannabis extracts. After grinding, it is sieved to obtain kief trichomes. Although it is not yet as popular, experienced users can then dissolve the crystals in liquids or oil to make e-juice. It contains CBD and other cannabinoids found in other extracts.

Final Word

The use of the right extraction method is essential in getting the best quality of cannabis oil. The budget aspect also dictates the method you will use. With the above list of methods, you can rest assured that your cannabis journey will never be the same again. Try one today.