Hall of Fame: Chaz Bonnar, Dancer/Instructor

Chaz Bonnar
Age: 24
Location: Glasgow
Wants to be: Dancer, film maker

I work with organisations that focus on at risk youths from low income areas around Glasgow and other cities. I teach young people about health and mental wellbeing through many avenues, most notably through dance (Breaking) and mentoring. Through the social work I do I’m able to build the self-esteem and confidence of the young people I work with.

I also organise international dance events. One called Resurgence and another called Baltic Breaks & Waves. The aim of these events is to unite the Scottish dance community and inspire youth to lead a positive lifestyle. These events also helps me reach out to local organisations. Which helps further my outreach work with disadvantaged youths.

I’ve been featured on an American blog called Collectively. Sharing my thoughts about influencing young people and the positive effects Hip Hop culture has had on my life. I’ve also recently been on a talkshow panel called “Building Community” at The Notorious IBE 2015 international dance festival in Holland. Late last year I spoke to youths in a high school in Norway about the different aspects of Hip Hop culture.

My journey started when I was the youngest person in 2014 to be awarded a Travelling Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Which took me to America in 2014 to learn how Hip Hop culture and Breaking affects people from deprived backgrounds. After returning home and writing my reports I networked with local organisations to share the knowledge and info I had learned. Everything kicked off after this. This lead to me writing an article about my travels for People Dancing UK’s magazine Animated in Autumn 2015.
somewhereto_ helped me access dance space last year. This enabled me to work on my own dance development. I also used somewhereto_ spaces to run a workshop before one of my events. They’ve been a great help.



  • Confident
  • Organised
  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Outgoing
  • Enthusiastic
  • Openedminded
  • Artistic


Chaz is a determined, hard working individual. He has shown extensive commitment to helping others, especially those who are most vulnerable. He has achieved a huge amount with his youth work in Glasgow and has the ability to achieve even more.