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Common mistakes to avoid at the airport

Traveling is a lot of fun, but for many people the time spent at the airport can often be full of unnecessary stress. So, whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, for business or for pleasure, the following are some of the most common mistakes you will want to avoid in order to have a smooth experience at the airport.

Not giving yourself enough time

This is one of the main causes of stress at the airport. Be sure to leave home with more than enough time to spare so that traffic, long lines at security, and other potential delays will not phase you or cause problems.

Not arranging your airport parking in advance

Finding a parking spot at the airport can be notoriously difficult, so book yours well in advance through a company such as That is one less hassle to have to worry about when you arrive!

Not downloading your airline’s app

Having the app of the airline you are flying with on your phone is one of the best ways to keep up to date with any flight delays, as well as easily find out what time you are boarding and at which gate.

Not checking in online

These days you can check in online from the comfort of your own home 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure, saving you time at the airport. It also usually gives you the chance to choose your seat in advance for extra peace of mind.

Not checking the baggage restrictions

You really do not want to be surprised by an oversized baggage charge at the check in counter, so make sure you weigh how heavy your luggage is before you leave home. Likewise, be careful not to pack any prohibited items in your carry-on luggage (such as large bottles of liquid or sharp objects). Finally, marking your suitcase with stickers or similar can help you to locate it more easily on the baggage carousel after you land.

Not packing in an organized manner

In order to avoid delays at the security gate, try and pack your carry-on bag in a logical way. Have key items such as your ID and boarding pass in an easily accessible place ready to show to the staff and try to put any electronic items (such as laptops) that have to be scanned separately in an easy to reach place too.

Not wearing the right clothes

If you want to make your security experience as smooth as possible, choose your clothing appropriately. Avoid anything with too much metal as this can set off the scanners and may result in a search and pick shoes that can be quickly and easily taken on and off.

Not bringing food

Of course you can buy food in an airport, but the prices can be astronomical! Save yourself some money – as well as time spent waiting in line – by bringing your own snacks from home. As long as they do not count as a liquid, you can take them on the plane with you too.