The Magic Elephant (TME)

Rasa Jusionyte and Helena Mueller
Age: 24

Please let us know a bit more about what you’re currently doing and what made you want to do this?

We started The Magic Elephant (TME) when we were still at university. We had two months to go and after starting to apply for jobs, we realised there is a huge problem and miscommunication between the creative industries and graduates applying for jobs. The most meaningful thing to do seemed… to solve it! Why? Because young people go through hell after graduating and a lot of talent gets discouraged, killed and buried.

That’s not all, we also saw an opportunity – London’s Silicon roundabout, Google Campus and heaps of co-working spaces are only 15 minutes away from LCC, UAL, where we studied. Why not connect creative graduates like us with start-ups needing all that creative graduates can offer; branding, advertising ideas, marketing ideas, graphic design, photography and copywriting skills and most importantly huge flexibility.

We decided to create a graduate accelerator and a creative agency taking up university graduates, accelerating their talent and skills by providing mentorship and guidance, and connecting them with job opportunities at start-ups. Best bit – there is no corporate ladder to climb, if you are good and have ideas, jump on board and let’s do it. You don’t have to wait years to take ownership, responsibility and to enjoy what you do.

Last but not least, we have launched workshops for creatives and small businesses, where our audience, clients, and partners can learn photography, blogging and Pinterest skills.

At the moment we are working to establish the creative agency of TME. TME is not just our agency, it’s exactly the agency we dreamt to work at when we were at university and so we believe students will find emotional peace and get to do work that accelerates their careers.

What were you doing before you got involved with somewhereto_?

Helena and I studied at UAL. She did photojournalism and I did magazine publishing. I worked at Busaba Eathai as a waitress progressing to work at their HQ. For my dissertation I collaborated with Facebook, Intern magazine and Vice. At university Helena set up her freelance business, did photography and workshops, she also worked at the Sunday Times magazine and was the picture editor of Arts London News. I couldn’t be happier or more lucky – we are a perfect match, challenge each other and feel so excited when exceeding expectations.


Have you used space through somewhereto_? How was this beneficial for you?

We pitched our business idea at somewhereto_startup to see if we could secure office space. We were successful in the process and we’re now based at the Camden Collective, in London. We couldn’t possibly be more grateful to somewhereto_ for it!

We were really struggling without an office space. You not only gave us a roof, but also emotional support and encouragement, which is and was incredibly precious. You believed in us – thank you!


What advice would you give someone looking to do something similar?

Trust in yourself, at a point when you seem mad to the outside world. If you believe in what you do, you will have energy, that energy is infectious. Network in a way of creating relationships rather than just making connections.