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Contraception That Cares For Your Needs

Contraception is an essential that allows sexually active men to enjoy intimacy without the fear of any further repercussions. It’s a convenient and safe tool to staying clear of something you’re not ready for. Not everyone is prepared for the responsibility of children; this can keep you from having to face up to that reality before your time.

It’s not easy having the discussion with your partner about contraception, and trying to finger out which one would work out best for you out of those available. #TalkingHealth is something that’s important for individuals from all walks of life to do, that’s why it is important to speak to your partner about contraception. Here are some things to consider when talking it over. Check out the LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor to see what options there are available for you.

Which Contraception to choose?

Firstly you need to way up what your options are in regards to contraception. Picking the one that works best for you, and that’s the most hassle-free solution is always beneficial. You don’t want your contraception to put a spanner in the works in your love-life; you want it to be an assistance in helping you enjoy it to the full without any worries.

One of the main methods is the barrier method such as condoms or the diaphragm. Barrier methods are often preferred because they give protection without any of the harsh side effects that can sometimes come with other contraception. These are not always the most effective methods because there have been cases where accidents have happened, such as condoms splitting. They also have the added benefit of being one of the only forms of contraception that protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

Other methods like the pill can also be a handy form of contraception because it doesn’t interfere with the natural course of intimacy, there’s no need to remember to place a condom on, and you can enjoy the natural flow of your love-making. However these hormonal methods such as the pill, vaginal ring, implant, injection and birth control patch can have side-effects that are sometimes very unpleasant.

Male Contraception

There’s yet to be any form of pill taking for men that has proven to be a successful form of contraception. The most common and effective male contraception is either the condoms or a vasectomy. This is a surgical procedure however and is usually permanent so it’s always important to think this one through carefully and be 100% convinced in your mind that having children is not something you’ll have a desire for in the future.

How effective are they?

The effectiveness of contraception all boils down to remembering each day to keep up with your pill taking or condom wearing. If you are more likely to be forgetful then have a form of contraception such as the implant or a sterilisation method that requires little to remember on your part. This will ensure that the form of protection you use will be more effect and provide the results you desire.