Opportunity, London: D&AD’s New Blood Shift

Have you always known you’ve wanted to do something creative as a career but are unsure where to start? If this is the case New Blood Shift, D&AD’s newest opportunity for people aged 18-25, could be perfect for you.

New Blood Shift – What’s it all about?

The industry will be at its best when filled with diverse creativity. When your job is all about ideas, it doesn’t matter where you get them from. It only matters that they’re shit-hot. And the same goes for those coming up with them.

New Blood Shift is all about uncovering raw talent and filling the industry with their passion and drive. Through a free 12-week night school run by the best in the business, chosen participants will get up to speed on what it means to be an advertising creative. With mentorship and paid placements up for grabs, this is the ultimate first step.

For more information and details of how to apply, please visit the New Blood Shift website.