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David Serna Lawyer And Law Expert on The Importance of a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

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To understand what  good criminal defense attorney can do for you we had a chat with one of the best in the business. David Serna is a name is known all around the Albuquerque and New Mexico area and is widely regarded as the best criminal defense attorney’s in the state. This is an area which is rich in legal talent which makes David’s fame all the more impressive. If you have been charged with a crime like assault, a DUI or a DWI or something more severe then you must ensure that you have the very best criminal defense lawyer which you can find on your side, and this is why doing so is so important.

Checking the Process

Every aspect of the case up until this point should have been done with diligence and by the book, from the arrest to the communication which you have been given, including the way in which you have been treated. If there is any aspect of this which has not been done in accordance with the law then the charges will be deemed unlawful. The reason why you need a great criminal defense lawyer on your side is because they will have the eye for these details and can spot even the smallest thing which is out of place.

Plea Deals and Bargaining

A great number of criminal cases result in a plea bargain being struck, a move which helps all involved especially in the case of the accused being guilty. A plea deal is basically an admission of guilt to a lesser crime which can help the accused to avoid jail time, or at least have it drastically reduced. This helps the accused of course but it also helps the courts to finish a case and move on to the next one. The difference between getting a deal or not is in the quality of the lawyer that you have which is why it is important that you focus on finding the best attorney available to you.


Whether this is the first time that you have been arrested and charged or not, the proceedings of a criminal case can really take their toll on you. You will be uncertain about your future, racked with guilt or frustration at having been accused of something which you didn’t do, and this can be a really tumultuous time for you. Having a great lawyer on your side is not just about trying to beat the case, they can also provide you with a lot of much needed support during this difficult time. Lawyers understand each aspect of the process and their confidence can provide you with some solace, as well as reassuring you about what is going on. They may not be therapists but they are the closest thing to it which you are going to find during the proceedings.

Get yourself the best if you have been charged with any crime.