somewhereto_Spotlight: Dizzy Ink’s School of Print

Benjamin Kay and Craig Proud are directors of print, publication and creative studio Dizzy Ink. They’ve already fulfilled their aim ‘to educate and facilitate ambitions of print’ through participation, experimentation and collaboration, but are now currently seeking support in their expansion process.

Dizzy Ink is about to establish an open access screen printing facility in Nottingham called The School of Print. With just over a week to go before their Kickstarter deadline to raise £8,000 to buy equipment for the school, we interviewed Benjamin and Craig to find out more about them and their project.

What are you doing at the moment?

At the moment, we’re trying to open something called the School of Print, which is gonna be an open access screen printing studio where members of the public can come and get trained in screen printing, risograph and mimeograph. It’s kind of gonna be like a gym, but instead of being sweaty you can be inky.


Can you tell us about the creative scene in Nottingham and what makes you want to tap into it?

It’s a fantastic city for creatives and independent business. It’s got the highest concentration of indy businesses outside of London. Cobden Place and Cobden Chambers has got a real community which is growing and growing and so much is going on in terms of design and events. We can really feel the benefit of being at the centre of so many great things.

Are there any particular people within Nottingham that you would really like to reach out to?

We always aim to make Dizzy Ink completely accessible . We want to take people on a creative journey from the beginning through to the end, making them feel welcome to come in and print anything! We want to reach out to everybody who has any interest in making art or prints, so, I guess we wanna reach out to everyone.



What do you hope to be doing in a year’s time?

We hope to establish the School of Print as a go to place for creative education. We want to have more exhibitions, events, workshops, publications and ultimately collaborations! The idea is to make the project grow and grow with more people joining our community. The most important thing is that we provide a space where everyone can bring their own personality and help shape the future for The School of Print.
If you are interested in donating to Dizzy Ink to help them open the School of Print, you can donate to their kickstarter here. As little as £5 and it would make a big change. Also check out