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Dr. Roger Olade – An Old School Doctor We All Need

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A couple of years ago a new resident moved into the house opposite us here in San Antonio, Texas, we live in a quite neighborhood so when someone new arrives everyone wants to know who they are. I invited our new neighbor over for a coffee and discovered that he was a medical professional, Dr. Roger Olade. Roger was just about to start working at the local hospital and his resume alone made me feel insignificant. Roger Olade specialized in internal medicine and he was also something of an expert on blood, especially when it came to diseases and disorders.

As any member of the public does when they meet a doctor, I immediately wished to ask him for cures for any ailments which I could think of, from indigestion to my back pain, I relented however. Some weeks later I did ask him what action I could take for my back pain and he invited me to have a chat with him in his house.

Old School

I genuinely expected Dr. Olade to tell me what cream to put on my back or what pain relief to take, and then take some time off to let it heal, this isn’t what happened. As it turns out Dr. Olade is an old school doctor who first asked me about my lifestyle which isn’t what I would call the healthiest. After finishing up speaking about what I eat, drink and how often I exercised, my friendly new neighbor began to give me both barrels. He was actually rather insulted that I saw him about this issue given my lifestyle. Before I left, aghast I must confess, he gave me tips on living a better lifestyle and told me to ask him again in 2 months.


I returned home pretty miffed and angry but some days later it all began to sink in. I had been foolish asking a doctor to cure an issue which was clearly down to my poor lifestyle and I did think that a pill would be enough to cover up the way in which I was treating my body. I was pretty revved up so decided to implement the plan that the doctor and I spoke about and for the next 2 months I lived like a saint.

Closing the Circle

Just before the two month mark Dr. Olade came over to ask me how I was feeling and whether there were any concerns which he could help me with, including that niggling back pain. I was delighted to tell him that I had lost over 12lbs, hadn’t drank for a month and was eating a very healthy diet, all of which amounted in me having no pain in my body, no issues sleeping and nothing medical to report. As the doctor smiled wryly I realized just how necessary that conversation with him was.

So many doctors will dole out pills and creams to fix issues which in truth, most of us can fix ourselves with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, Dr. Olade knew this and this was why he took a different approach with me, an approach which certainly worked.