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Edibles Vs. Smoking – Which Is Best?

With medical marijuana on the rise, you may be wondering which way is best when it comes to taking it. Two of the main ways are edibles and smoking, but which is tops? Is one better than the other? And if so, why? How does each work, and is either or better for pain, anxiety or depression? These are the questions we aim to answer. So read ahead and learn a bit more about the world’s new favourite medicine.

Smoking – How and Why

When it comes to smoking marijuana you might have tried it once or twice, especially in your youth when it was still a taboo topic and done in hushed corners or basement bedrooms with friends. These days, it’s widespread and a popular option for those struggling with a variety of issues from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, eye problems, neurological issues and more. Smoking can be done in whole host of ways – through bongs, pipes, vaping and in roll-ups like spliffs or blunts, but what is the benefit to smoking over eating edibles?

The benefit is that smoking is almost instantaneous as well as being easier to dose than edibles. Smoking will hit you pretty much within moments of taking a hit, helping to alleviate pain, anxiety or discomfort quickly while edibles take awhile to set in. There are benefits to edibles too, of course, which we will get to momentarily, but if you want something quick right now to take the edge off, smoking is probably your thing.

Edibles – Different To Smoking, But How?

Edibles, as the name suggests, is consuming marijuana orally. Edibles come in a whole host of types – through food, tinctures, pills, oils and more but which one is the right one for you? It depends entirely what you’re looking for. Many people who use edibles for their medicinal purposes will find that CBD infused edibles is what they’re after. CBD is a great way to get the relaxing or pain killing effect without getting high off the marijuana as well. CBD works in the brain differently and affects different neurotransmitters meaning you get all the medical benefit and none of the high, preferable for many people.

The main benefit with edibles is the length of time that the effects last. Many people can feel effects for hours, but the downside is the onset of effects, which likewise can sometimes be an hour or even a bit longer.

If you’ve been wondering about which to try but you aren’t entirely sure, why not give both a try! With different ways of working and different effects, you never know which may be better for you until you give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised and find a new way of taking cannabis you never thought of before! From edibles such as brownies, chocolate, tinctures and gummies to smoking blunts, spliffs or bongs and everything in between, there’s literally no limit to the ways you can give this great plant a try for all your own medical needs.