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End your love-hate relationship with a bad laptop today

You and your last laptop were friends for what seems a lifetime.

There is an element of truth when it’s said that buying a quality item ensures it will deliver on its use for a longer period than a less quality one.

When it comes to laptops, nothing could be more accurate.

With many economical options in the market, it’s sometimes tempting to grab the cheapest deal you can afford. They usually sound and look great, with retailers making great promises on durability, quality of materials and, naturally, performance. Except you shouldn’t, as they hardly ever deliver on any of those premises. In this article, we will explain why you should get a long-lasting laptop instead.

Cheap laptops have a shorter lifespan

A cheap deal on a laptop today means that you’ll need to buy a new one in no time. Maybe in a year’s time, you will end up doubting your choice in the first place when you realized that the great deal you grabbed wasn’t worth your money. Your older laptop will now be worth very little, and you’ll need to buy a new one.

Grabbing a long-lasting laptop today will ensure you can keep your investment protected for years to come.

In the same way that a great car bought today is better than a cheap one in five years’ time, the same applies ever so closely to technology, including your beloved laptop.

Here, we introduce to you the gaming laptop. It is not just a laptop for gaming, which is the misconception many people have. What a gaming laptop delivers, besides gaming performance, is also performance in your daily work, be it processing documents, or running memory-intensive applications on your desktop at one go.

Gaming laptops are built to last, as they are expected to be carried everywhere and endure all those hours of gaming and working. They look and feel much more robust than an average laptop and therefore are already a great choice to start with. Get your laptop for work and play today.

Better laptop, better components

The components on a gaming laptop also tend to be better designed and of higher quality. They are not expected to pack the least performing and cheapest of processors or graphical cards. Their design is well-thought to last and deliver performance, instead of just an agglomerate of the cheapest components’ money can buy.

Future proofing

Future proofing isn’t an exact science, but in consideration to what was indicated until this point, you are much better protected and doing a wiser purchase when you opt for the one that will surely last you not one but many more years to come.

You may assume that you’re doing a great purchase when you opt for the cheap deal, but in fact you’ll be able to meet people that have bought quality laptops that have lasted them years. With that in mind and considering gaming laptops have never been more affordable, you’re protecting your own investment when you consider one over the other.

Just catalog-friendly

Most likely, if you’ve ever purchased a cheaper laptop, you’ve complained countless times about how slow it performs, about its screen quality or its flawed design options. They are very often overrated towards what they can deliver, and many big manufacturers have them in catalog to appeal to people that want and need a laptop but really don’t want to pay much.

Better resale value

With better and long-lasting models, you won’t make such a great loss when you trade it in for a new one, with its residual price still worth quite a considerable amount of money. It will ultimately all depend on how long you waited until you made the swap and how well you’ve looked after your unit. One thing’s for sure, a better and long-lasting laptop today will still undoubtedly be a great and somewhat valuable laptop years from now.


As mentioned in the beginning, once the time does come to consider a new laptop, that cheap model you opted for will hardly get you any money back, as new cheap models are released constantly.

If you raise the bar a little – even if it takes you longer to save money to get it – you will get a laptop that saves you the bucks in the long run of around 3-5 years.

Your flow of work and entertainment will be boosted immediately whilst ensuring that you won’t have to even think about getting a new unit for years to come.