Space Spotlight: English National Opera

The English National Opera’s London Coliseum is a treat for lovers of beautiful spaces, and it’s here that we met Rosanna Stevens, Senior Events Manager, English National Opera.

The space is home to, and owned, by the English National Opera who hire it out to other companies, such as the English National Ballet. In addition they also have function rooms available for hire. ‘We’re a charity that needs to raise funds through the use of the building,’ Rosanna explains. We want people to come in to see our building and work. As a charity it’s important we always try to maximise what we have, so we can reinvest in developing young performers and productions.’

The passion Rossana clearly feels for this venue shines through. ‘We’re not just a venue. We make incredible art that gives a flavour to everything we do in the building. If you host an event in one of our function rooms, you can hear opera through the walls and the whole building is inspired. There’s always the art, music and history seeping through.’  

Not only does the ENO use its funds to produce world class art, it’s committed to making art accessible. ‘Part of the ENO ethos is that opera is open for everybody. A lot of people have a preconception of opera and we want people to come and break that down. That’s why we keep our prices very reasonable. For every performance, we’ll release 500 tickets under £20.’ This, along with their commitment to young people makes them a natural friend of somewhereto_. ‘We do a lot of work engaging young people with opera and breaking down barriers about it being an elitist art form, that it’s only for a small demographic. It’s really important for us to build relationships with other organisations that help young people. They’re the future and it’s important we engage with them in whatever way we can.’

This is music to the ears of anyone that wants young people to be given every chance they can to fulfil their creative potential. Whether it’s workshops run by the ENO, or access to free space by somewhereto_, it’s great to know there are organisations who recognise and develop the talent of young people.

To experience the awe – inspiring grandeur of the London Coliseum yourself, book now and receive a double whammy of feel-good satisfaction; helping young people access free space through somewhereto_ and supporting the charity ENO.

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