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Essentials Required to Maintain Hygiene During Corona Outbreak

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the flaws in healthcare worldwide. There exists no vaccine for the diseases as we speak. While a majority of western countries that were devastated in the pandemic like Italy and Spain have flattened their curve peak, new cases pop up every day.

The fact is that CoronaVirus is here to stay. Until we disperse a vaccine, the risk would be out there hiding in plain sight. Scientists are even speculating recurring waves of the pandemic may hit in the coming year.

We can only hope they release a vaccine soon. However, life has to go on! So, to help you steer clear of the danger, here are a few items we have compiled for you in the following list that should be taken as must-haves during the Corona pandemic.


It goes without saying that by now, everyone should be covering their nose and mouth with appropriate masks. Anytime you head outside to buy groceries or run errands, you should be well-protected by a mask. You should also know the various types of masks to choose from. Choosing an N95 mask is not a responsible purchase because those are meant for medical staff only.


Just like masks protect the virus from contacting your mouth and nose, disposable aprons will protect our clothes from becoming a hospitable ground for the virus. Aprons become essential for those who move around throughout the day. For people whose job requires travelling in public commute, running from one site to another, handling food, and other such jobs, a disposable apron is a must! You should also make it a point to dispose of the apron properly and not just dump it wherever possible.

Infrared No-touch Thermometers:

It’s a helpful tool for measuring someone’s fever temperature without actually touching them; you should get an infrared no-touch thermometer if your job requires handling a lot of people. If you work in a supermarket or a grocery store, you should check your customers for a high temperature before they barge in the shop. To get one, click here.

Reacher Grabber:

It’s not a wise plan to personally grab everything and hand it to your customers. You may end up catching a lot more than you asked for! Thus, you should get reacher grabbers. These are support equipment that can help you pick items that are placed around you. When you want to let go of the item, you just have to loosen your grip over the grabbing fangs.

Sanitizers and Paper Soaps:

With all due caution, you may still accidentally touch infected surfaces. Thus, you should be prepared with sanitizers or paper soaps to disinfect yourself every few hours. We advise you to keep both since over-usage of strong alcohol-based sanitizers can lead to skin problems. If you have access to clean water, prefer washing your hands.

Refill bottles:

To get the constant supply of water that you need, keep a refill plastic bottle with you. This eliminates the need for sanitizers as well as helps you stay hydrated. While it’s still not clear whether the virus can be transferred through fluids, it’s best to not take a risk.


You may need to wipe certain goods that have been touched by others. You should clean your mobile phones periodically. If you operate from a desk, you should clean it every hour. To do so, you would need tissue papers. Keep some handy where you reside!


Social distancing measures require everyone to maintain a gap of minimum 6ft, between them. You could get movement sensors to further warn your customers when they aren’t following the guidelines.