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Exercise routines to build strength and endurance

Getting into shape is something that is highly recommended. Not only will being in top physical condition help you lose weight and tone muscle, it will also make you feel better overall. Exercising regularly can also help to boost your immune system and keep your internal organs in good shape. When it comes to working out, perhaps the best area to focus on first is building strength and endurance.

Increasing your strength and endurance helps you build up the stamina needed to exercise for longer. That means you will get more benefit as you progress and extend the workouts. Strengthening your body through regular exercise helps your bones and muscles to stay healthy making you able to better stand up to the rigors of daily life. With that in mind, it makes sense to focus on this area when planning your workout schedule.

Workout safely

Before we look at the best routines for building up strength and endurance, it is wise to think about doing so in the safest way possible. That will reduce the likelihood of getting injured when training and allow you to get the most from your sessions. Compression wear clothing is a good idea as it will support the area of your body where it is worn as you exercise. Many choose Tommie Copper compression wear as Tommie Copper is one of the original brands in this market.

Warming up with some gentle stretching before taking vigorous exercise is also important. It will ensure your body is ready for the stress and will help prevent strains and muscle tears. Of course, working out safely is also about not pushing yourself too hard and not attempting any exercise that is beyond your capabilities.

Three-mile challenge

This routine was first developed by Craig Ballantyne and is great for boosting both strength and endurance. To begin, get into a pushup position and simply hit as many as you can until you have to stop. Then do one set of dips before resting for a minute and doing a set of chin-ups. The number of reps in each set is up to you – just do as many as you can without overloading yourself. After resting for another minute, go for a three-mile jog and record how long it took to complete. Check your number of reps and run time every few weeks to make sure you are progressing gradually.

Bike muscle builder

This is a great routine as it will give plenty of high-energy aerobic exercise to build stamina while also including a weights element to help grow muscle strength. To start with, hop on your bike and pedal flat out for two minutes in a high gear. When that is completed, jump off and flip your bike over so you are holding it by the frame. Perform 10 reps of a classic weight exercise like a bicep curl or single arm bent over row. Then jump back on your bike and pedal on a high gear for another two minutes. Get off and do another weightlifting exercise with bike in hand for 10 reps. Continue this pattern until you have done 3-5 weight lifting exercises.

Rope skipping circuit

Boxers are always in great shape when training and the skipping rope is one of their best aids. Not only does it help increase athletic endurance it will also build strength in your legs and abs. If you combine it with other forms of strength building body-weight exercises, you have a killer routine. To begin, skip the rope for 30 seconds then perform 10 walking lunges forward and 10 back to where you started. Then do another 30 seconds of skipping before hitting as many push-ups as possible. Skip for 30 more seconds and then do as many pull-ups as you can handle. Do this for three to five circuits to really feel the benefit.

Five exercise express workout

Jogging is great for helping you shed some pounds and to build up awesome stamina. If you combine it with strength building exercises, then you have a superb routine to stay healthy. First, hit 25 squats of any variety before completing 25 lunges. Then hit 25 jump lunges before doing 25 jump squats. Hold the plank for one minute before then resting a while and going for a jog. This routine will soon have your body strong, lean and supple.

Build endurance and strength for life

Although you can achieve many specific goals by working out, building strength and endurance is one of the most useful. It will not only help in your daily life (especially if you do a physically demanding job) but it will also keep your body in great shape as you grow older. If you need some easy routines to begin, the above advice will help.