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7 Exercises to Fight the Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

30-Second Summary

  • Erectile dysfunction and its consequences on your sexual life can be a game-changer for your relationship.
  • The difficulty to reach and maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse can cause your self-esteem to suffer.
  • It’s a common problem that can happen at any age, relies on many factors, and can have numerous causes.
  • Luckily, most of the time, regularly practicing several exercises can boost the muscle tone of the pelvic muscles and help you in the process of reversing erectile dysfunction.
  • While medications and dietary supplements can have tremendous effects on the condition, today, we’d like to focus on how exercises can help you too.


Erectile dysfunction can be constant and occasional, affecting more than 25 million men in the United States alone. ED and the premature male orgasm make up the most majority of sexual dysfunction cases. It’s crucial to know that when you first start noticing symptoms, it doesn’t mean you will always be like that from now on. There are many risk factors that you can control, exercise, and other natural remedies that can help you reverse the condition.

Read along to learn more about the various causes for erectile dysfunction, the science behind exercises, and which ones are the most suitable.

What Are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

There can be vascular, neurologic, psychological, and hormonal factors playing a role in the development of erectile dysfunction. Among the most common medical disorders linked to ED are diabetes, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol control, obesity, hormonal deficiencies, and undergoing prostate treatment for other purposes. Additionally, substance abuse and taking medications, such as antidepressants, antihypertensives, antiarrhythmics, and tranquilizers, can also cause or worsen ED.

If you’re having symptoms of ED, attempt to quit smoking, reevaluate your medicines with your doctor, lose weight, and start doing regular physical activity with a particular emphasis on a few exercises we will mention a bit later. Checking out and trying the top-rated male enhancements available can also bring a positive change.

How Exercises Can Help You Fight Erectile Dysfunction

It’s crucial to note that while medications for ED can be very effective for some individuals, they usually provide only temporary relief of symptoms.

Proper exercise choices include those that can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to provide better blood circulation that can empower your erection. Along with changing the course of erectile dysfunction, you can exercise to prevent ejaculation from coming too early and damaging your sexual performance.

Top 7 Exercises and Strategies to Help You Combat ED

  1. Activating Your Pelvic Floor Muscles. The first three exercises revolve around the principles of Kegels. Kegels will help you reverse erectile dysfunction, have a healthy male orgasm, and boost your overall sexual health. To activate your pelvic floor muscles start by lying down on a mat with your knees bent and feet, resting firmly on the floor.

Then, slowly start exhaling and squeezing your pelvic floor muscles as if you’re trying to hold your urine. Hold for about three seconds, inhale, and release the tension in the course of another three seconds.

  1. Standing Pelvic Floor Activation. And lastly, for the standing pelvic floor activation, practice the same technique again while standing straight with your arms resting on the sides of your body. You can practice all the Kegels up to three times a day for maximum effect.

Also, don’t forget to find a suitable dietary supplement for you. Reading the InstaHard reviews may be a good start.

  1. Knee Fallouts. You’ve probably seen this one many time before. Along with the next two on the list, it’s a popular Pilates exercise that can have tremendous benefits for your pelvic floor health and may help you reverse erectile dysfunction.

Lie down with your knees bent again, maintain a neutral position of the spine without exerting any pressure on it. Start contracting your pelvic muscles and begin dropping one knee to the side towards the floor. Repeat with the other knee with up to 10 repetitions for 2-3 sets.

  1. Sitting Pelvic Floor Activation. For this one, sit comfortably in a chair with feet resting on the floor and perform the exercise with the same technique as the previous one. Performing Kegels in various positions will ensure you’re working out all your pelvic floor muscles. Apart from fighting ED, they are also the main exercises to prevent ejaculationfrom coming too early.

For the sitting pelvic floor activation, it’s crucial to avoid using your abdominals, glutes, leg, and other muscles.

  1. Supine Foot Raises. For this one, while lying down with knees bent and squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, start raising your foot. Repeat with the other leg for 8-10 repetitions for 2-3 sets.

Remember to do these exercises slowly and keep your pelvic muscles engaged at all times.

  1. Pelvic Curls. For pelvic curls, lie down with knees bent, contract your pelvic muscles and start tilting your whole pelvis towards your abdomen without your spine moving off the floor. Then start raising your glutes and lower back. Squeeze and hold for a few seconds and then gradually come back to the initial position. Repeat a few times for several sets.
  2. Aerobic Exercises. While they don’t always have a direct impact on your pelvic floor muscles, aerobic exercises, such as swimming, cycling, and jogging, can also have tremendous benefits for your erection. Practice them at least once or twice a week for an optimal effect on your sexual and overall health.

How Dietary Supplements Can Help

Apart from exercises and other approaches, dietary supplements can also significantly affect ED and your sexual health. They can provide you with natural and scientifically proven ingredients that are difficult to come by with food but can demonstrate fascinating results. You may want to check out a few InstaHard reviews for a starter.

Final Words

Erectile dysfunction is an increasingly frequent and debilitating issue that can harm your confidence and relationship. However, with positive lifestyle changes and practicing several targeted exercises to improve your pelvic floor health, you can reduce the need for medication and reverse ED altogether.

Practice the above exercises, opt for natural and top-rated male enhancements, and chances are, in a few months, you’ll start noticing drastic improvements.