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Fashion Tips For Stylish Skinny Dudes


Are you a skinny guy who struggles to find that perfect look? While many people get hung up about being overweight and clothes not fitting right the exact same thing can happen when you’re skinny too. So how can you be sure to look your best and stay in fashion at the same time? Well it can be a lot easier than you might think, and here are a couple of sure fire ways on how you can look your best without skimping on style.

Wear Clothes That Fit

That probably goes without saying but by wearing jeans that are too baggy or too skinny it can actually accentuate your smaller frame. Go for casual fits or even try cargo trousers or chinos – both options that have style and will fit great on most shapes and sizes. The plus side to chinos is that they can double as dressy casual trousers in the right circumstances, so it’s a win-win. (Plus they’re comfortable too, so, you know.)

Go For Crew Necks

Try to avoid scooped or V-neck shirts as these can also accentuate a smaller frame. Crew neck shirts though will actually give the appearance of having broader more squared shoulders, which V-necks and lower necklines will not, so it’s imperative you avoid these if you want to look a bit broader and not even skinnier.

Slim Tailoring Is Your Friend

Even though wearing something too small can be your enemy, slim tailoring can be your friend. It gives just enough shape that it looks great on a small frame but without sitting too tight that it gives much away. It will help you look sleeker but make sure all aspects fit right – not too baggy in the trousers or the jacket. The key here is that the jacket can hang open a bit, giving you some space in the whole look which makes skinnier and slimmer fits actually work with tailored suits.

Layering The Look

It can sound like a counter-intuitive way to make yourself stop looking smaller, but layering up your look can really help give the impression of being a bit bigger. Of course though, it has to be done in the right way – chucking on every item in your wardrobe won’t work wonders and will actually leave you looking a bit silly, so for optimum results start with a crew neck t-shirt, followed by a dressier button up shirt, then a jumper of some kind and finally a jacket. For a casual look consider a jean jacket, a look that works with every occasion (except maybe a wedding).

So there you have some keen style ideas for skinny guys that should have you looking in tip top shape in no time. With so many cool ideas out there on the market these days as well as options from various fashion houses to really complete the look there are literally dozens of ways you can take these style ideas and make them your own. So how will you make the most of your skinny frame and get catwalk ready?