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Feeling unsure among the big players? This Technology Can Make Your Small Business Stand out

Your competition might be a big player but with the right technology, you can quickly grow and challenge them. What is the technology that makes such a huge impact? Cloud technology. Technology has transformed how businesses operate and one of the major changes geared towards closing the gap between small and large enterprises is the increase in the number of cloud-based solutions.

Transitioning to a cloud technology improves business organisation and ensures you stay ready for new growth opportunity. Here are a few ways that cloud technology can take your business to the next level.

Scaling infrastructure: One of the fastest growing applications of cloud tech in 2018, cloud-based scaling infrastructure is efficient and responsive to demand while remaining inexpensive. You only pay for the server load you need and scale your data management as your need demands, ensuring your business saves money. Without this technology, fail-over systems automatically become active when the host server is overloaded.

Easy and quick access to the application from any location

One of the best features of cloud services especially for small businesses without a physical location is the ability to collaborate on projects seamlessly from different locations. Today, remote work is very popular and is expected to absorb half of the UK’s workforce by 2020. As employees seek more mobile jobs, small businesses can compete for the best talents by offering remote jobs. Employers who have physical offices can widen access to tools that reduce the need for dedicated IT infrastructure.

Safeguard company and customer data

Using the cloud to protect your customer’s data ensures that its’ more secure than on your company’s servers.

Secure your network with managed IT services

In the past, only large corporations who had the resources for an in-house IT department could avoid getting hacked. Today, even small businesses can defend themselves from widespread hacking attacks.

Save money

The initial upfront cost might be on the high side but the compounded savings in terms of support, upgrades, lower installation, rack space and power use are great ways for you to channel your resources to better use.

Improved flexibility and productivity

Small businesses can house entire projects on the cloud for team members to collaborate faster in real time. Access and restrictions can be placed and lifted as desired. The flexibility of working from the cloud has indirect cost saving benefits as employees could bring in their own devices and install the cloud app for access.

“Cloud technology makes it easier to remotely manage your network, provide 24/7 live threat monitoring and response as well as support for multiple devices,” says Jake Page, Systems Engineer at Iomart Cloud Solutions Features that only large corporations enjoyed are now accessible to small businesses and their customers.

Take customer service to the cloud

Repeat customers and referral only happen when customers have a good experience with your brand. Customer service is essential to that experience and you can save money by taking your customer service data to the cloud.  Cloud-based apps grow with you, ensuring customer service is scalable for the long run.


If you’re still on the fence or you’re unsure about the benefits of cloud computing for your small business, this is the best time to migrate. New innovations and advancement in cloud technology mean that your small business can thrive and compete with major brands, streamlining operations, saving money and drive productivity.