somewhereto_ Spotlight: Tim Porter

26 year old, Tim Porter, a soon-to-be big filmmaker and director is no stranger to somewhereto_. Having used free spaces from somewhere_to for over three years he’s extremely thankful for how much the company’s facilities have helped him with his past projects. He urges budding dancers, musicians or anyone who wants to get into the arts to use the spaces somewhere_to have to offer before it’s too late!

He is currently working on his new film; ‘Haven’ which will be released in January 2016 for Film Festival. The film is an adaption of a theatre play that he worked on whilst being an intern. The storyline of the film is about the last evening a young child and mother share together before the mother dies – a touching, sensitive story line.  Make sure you keep an eye out for its release! 

Tim wanted to give a big thank you to somewhere_to for helping him out with finding big locations to rehearse and do interviews in. “Being a director, you have to rehearse with your actors before filming starts as it leaves a big gap when filming”. Livity and somewhere_to allowed him to use their office spaces in Brixton to audition actors and rehearse for his current project.

somewhere_to have helped his projects get to a bigger platform, “being an independent filmmaker, you don’t have access to a proper budget or space, 9 out of 10 times it’s a case of hoping that there is rehearsal space but somewhere_to allowed me to have that luxury, for free”.

Tim Porter, a soon-to-be big filmmaker and director is no stranger to somewhereto_

The ambitious film marker has used spaces all around London, somewhere_to have given him various locations such as The Oxford House in Bethnal Green, The CLS Art Café in Peckham, the list goes on. But now that he is 26, Tim stresses that there isn’t a lot of help around finding facilities. He went on to add: “rehearsal space around London is extremely expensive starting from £15p hour up to £400 a day.”

For those of you who don’t know, ‘somewhere_to’ is a UK-wide project, offering 16-25 year olds access to free spaces in their communities to pursue creative and enterprising endeavours. They received a £7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund in 2012. Tim stressed to me how important this company is and believes more ambitious creative heads like himself should get involved as somewhere_to allows you to explore your creativity. The best thing about it is that every place they offer is FREE, we all love a free-be! 


More on ‘Haven’:

Twitter: @tjpfilm (He was a head editor for this 12 minute film called The Voice In The Head)


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.09.13About the writer:

Being on work experience and not knowing much about what somewhere_to had to offer, talking with Tim really opened my eyes to the opportunities this company gives people my age. Being a 20 year old, third year journalism student hearing all the accomplishments like-minded people have been doing with this company is amazing. I feel inspired to use somewhere_to facilities as this is an opportunity for us to use and strive on making our ambitions come to life, thanks to all the free spaces somewhere_to find! Anthony Pius, 20