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Five tricks of using your stun gun to protect yourself against attacks


Stun gun is quite an effective tool that can help you with a variety of jobs.  It is a weapon that helps you to defend yourself when you are surrounded by any enemy. The gun is perfect to use for even the people who are not that active health wise. The gun is easy to use but you shall be smart enough while using it to make sure that you can escape the danger with ease. There are some other requisite accessories such as stun gun flashlight that you shall carry with yourself to help you in dark and danger.

Here are five of the smart tricks to use the stun gun for your safety and getting the better of the enemies –

  • One of the most important things to keep in mind before making the use of stun guns is making sure that it is charged. It is highly recommendable for you to charge it at least once in a week or it may trait you the time you need it the most.
  • You shall always have you stun gun ready for the attack.  You shall not have your stun gun resting at your home as you are buying the gun for your safety. You are having one of the legal stun gunsand it is your duty and authority to carry it as an when you like it.
  • The target areas of your stun must also be precise. There are certain parts in a human body that are at more danger than some of the other parts. So, you must aim at the prime stun area only when using a stun gun.
  • Stun gun is amongst one of the key self defense weaponsand when you want to use it, you must have the trigger in ON position.
  • Last but perhaps the best trick that you shall remember before making use of stun gun or any other self defense weapon is that you must have another escape plan in mind. A plan must always be there when the plan A is not successful and you have to run for your life.