How To: Get Your Music Blog Noticed

Shan McGinley, Presenter and Editor at IAmMusic.TV and DJ at Roundhouse Radio shared his top 5 Tips to getting the best out of your music website or blog.

  1. Have a clear vision

    Create a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Do this by tailoring your music website or blog to your vision.

  2. You don’t always have to be negative

    In this day & age, loads of blogs and websites think it’s really cool to be negative all the time. Just support and write about what you love and don’t get wrapped up in slating people’s work. It’s too much energy in the first place, keep your energy for backing the musicians that you want to see do well.

  3. Build a team

    When you start to build momentum, always look to branch out and get more likeminded and talented people involved who understand what the website’s vision is about. Building the right team takes time but it’s key. It also allows you & your partners to concentrate on expansion and other areas of the platform.

  4. Hustle!!!

    The most important thing in the music industry is hustling. This comes into every aspect of what you do. Including getting into festivals, getting interviews from top artists in a packed press room, running events, etc. Hustling is a very positive characteristic to have in your locker, but you must be polite & humble at all times. Nobody likes ignorant people!

  5.  Don’t sell-out on what you want to do with the music website or blog

    PR’s will hound you to write about their artists but you don’t have to! (Sometimes they’re just awful). If they don’t fit into the sound or style you’re supporting then just ignore it.