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Great product for lifting natural hair

There are several products that you can use to lift your natural hair. But we have to agree that there are products that stand out from the rest in terms of effectiveness. Whether you want to dye your hair at home or have a friend help out, Madison Reed is your hair lifting product of choice.

Madison Reed is one of the best products that you can use to dye your hair. The manufacturers commit to providing the best that the market can offer. Riding on quality and adherence to strict safety standards, Madison Reed lets you color your hair from the comfort of your home.

This product comes with instructions that are quite easy to follow. The availability of a color specialist on the site’s chat feature gives you access to essential and customized assistance on how to use it. The package of Madison Reed contains the cream color, conditioner, and shampoo, a color activator that also helps in conditioning, a cap, barrier cream, gloves and wipes for cleansing.

Ingredients of Madison Reed

This product is effective due to the features and the components used in its manufacture. These include:

Argan Oil – this ingredient is useful in the restoration of the shine to the hair and helping it become naturally smooth. It is also helpful in the hydration effects on the hair and making it soft and silky.

Keratin – Madison Reed adds keratin to its product to ensure that your hair is strong and remains fortified. It helps the hair to naturally restore its elasticity while infusing it with protein and prevents fading colors and breakage.

Ginseng Root extraction – This ingredient is instrumental in the strengthening, softening, and alleviation of the hair’s split ends.

Mongongo Oil – The mongongo oil helps promote natural hair growth, protection from the sun, and making the hair healthy. This oil also serves as an emollient.

Baobab Oil – The baobab oil helps your hair attain high hydration levels while giving it the necessary protection from harsh environment and heat.

Maracuja Oil –This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin C, and it also serves as an emollient. It helps the hair to attain restoration from dryness, promotion of hair growth, and moisturizing of the hair.

Pros of Madison Reed

  • This product is ammonia-free hence does not contain an unpleasant smell typical of other hair colors.
  • It does not cause allergies or skin irritation since it does not contain parabens.
  • This product is cruelty-free.
  • The product has colors that have depth quality
  • The brand provides over 27 shades for you to pick from
  • This product is easy to apply as the manufacturers make sure to give instructions that come with simple diagrams to follow through.
  • Madison personalizes the customer’s experience in selecting their products, which provides you with the option of opting out if not satisfied before purchasing.
  • Madison Reed gives you a complete package to ensure that dying your hair is simple and efficient.

Cons of Madison Reed

  • The product contains ethanolamine, which is also harmful to the hair.

How to Use

Step 1:

Divide your hair into small portions that will allow you to paint them for effective results easily.

Step 2:

Depending on the length of your hair, mix the radiant cream color with the conditioning color activator thoroughly in a small container.

Step 3:

Use the brush provided in the kit to paint your hair to the roots. Once you have applied the mixture, wait for about 45 minutes for it to take effect.

Step 4:

Use the shampoo and the conditioner to wash your hair for smooth and nourished hair. These products are effective in protecting your hair after color treating it.

Step 5:

Dry the hair for incredible results.


Madison Reed is an excellent product for you to color hair at home. The color professionals are instrumental in allowing you to pick the best product for your hair. The package comes with allergy-free ingredients and unique color features that cater to your individual needs. These are some of the features that make this product great for lifting natural hair.