Habiba Da Silva and what she means to me

My name is Rania, I’m a 15 year old Moroccan Muslim who can speak four languages and love to debate and be socially aware. I have been working with somewhereto_ on work experience for the last week. Whilst on work experience they gave me an opportunity to write an article for their website.

I want to use this chance to discuss who inspires me, who makes me feel confident in myself and who would I call a role model. This brings me to talk about a massive influence in my life, Habiba Da Silva.

Habiba Da Silva is a young muslim woman who lives in Birmingham. She is a Youtuber with more than 100,000 subscribers. She is a intersectional feminist who speaks out on social, political and youth issues.

Habiba creates a YouTube series called ‘HabibaTalks’. Her videos introduce the topics of racism, body image, self esteem, mental illness and modesty. With these videos, she speaks her mind and her mind only, she is not afraid to speak out on topics that are not commonly talked about and will not hesitate to call out the problematic behaviour that surrounds her.

She inspires me because she doesn’t exclude minorities, she acknowledges issues that affect them. She does not hate on others whilst speaking her mind, she teaches others to be kind and to love cultural diversity. She has made me more confident to speak about issues within the Muslim and youth communities. This has enabled me to develop my intellect and become more socially aware.

If you want to learn more about Habiba check out her website here.
Rania wrote this article for our website while on work experience with somewhereto_. Did you know that we offer our website to 16-25 year olds as a platform to express their passions and opinions? If you’re interested in doing work experience with somewhereto_ or want to provide a piece for our consideration to be published on the somewhereto_ website, email albert@livity.co.uk.