Hall of Fame: Julia Samboma, 8EYEZ Videographer

Julia Samboma
Age: 18
Location: London
Wants to be: Music Video Director

‘8EYEZ is a videography and events company ran by young creative hearts, showcasing the world of creative arts through a different light. We aim to produce high quality videos for up and coming performing artists. We upload the videos onto our YouTube channel and create a buzz around the featured artist. The performing artists featured on the channel with the biggest ‘buzz’ will be invited to perform at an 8EYEZ event alongside a headline act. We aspire to be the ‘SBTV’ and ‘Wireless’ for upcoming talent. Check out our website for more information.

somewhereto_ helped me to find locations to film an online music series for 8EYEZ UK, they’ve also helped me to find a dance rehearsal space for dancers that will be featured on the platform. They’ve also offered me a space to hot desk at Livity. We’re currently working very closely together as I’ll like to participate in Pitch to the Mix in order to hold a launch event in RichMix. This experience has enabled me to develop a strong set of professional skills.’


  • Video editing
  • Videography
  • Scriptwriting
  • Directing
  • Photography
  • Team Leader
  • Creative thinking
  • Fashion (styling)
  • Director of Photography

Julia has so much enthusiasm and passion for music, dance and videography. Her plans for 8EYEZ will bring a collectively diverse range of artists and creative people together, creating much needed opportunities and experience in a very competitive industry.